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Re: Save "Black Mike" Group

Post by andrewman »

The website says they want to save it from going for scrap yet is the aircraft even for sale and there looking for £75,000 but are not a charity as far as I can tell.

This seems like a well meaning idea but needs to have more behind it before I would consider sending any money.
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Re: Save "Black Mike" Group

Post by Gregg »

Spiny Norman wrote:
Gregg wrote:It's more to do with the level of expertise and experience in restoring, maintaining and operating these old aircraft. Not only that Bruntingthorpe has the advantage of free and easy access to 2 miles of runway, plenty of space on the pans and a very enthusiastic owner who bends over backwards to help the various groups based there.

There's other locations that undoubtably offer some of the above but nowhere else can offer all of the above.

I'm sure that's true, but Black Mike hasn't moved under its own steam for 20 years and as mentioned there is some affiliation to its neighbourhood.

Does anyone know what 111 Squadron's take on all of this is?

It's pretty much complete though which wasn't the case when a lot of the aircraft arrived at Brunty. Take TBAG's 544 for example. I understand the local connection but I'd have thought most people would rather have a living breathing machine than a dead static one. That's just my opinion though.

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Re: Save "Black Mike" Group

Post by F16 »

I am Scottish, Proud to be British but I am also a Phantom Phanatic! Who really cares where she goes as long as she is looked after! It is all about care and attention and keeping the spirit alive - to be honest I think museum aircraft look sad and as much as East Fortune is Scottish they have no room nor really have an interest in anything more as I found out when 111 disbanded even with the fact that the Squadron's Hurricane aircraft were based up the road at Drem!!!! Montrose is way too small and all the aircraft that they had previously weren't in the best condition. Morayvia and Inverness are too far away in my opinion and not many people would travel just to see Black Mike! Many museums have many aircraft tucked away and packed in, even at Hendon it seems to be dark and sad, aircraft are built to fly not to sit and do nowt - I honestly think that she should go to people who will care for her with a passion for the aircraft and not just in a hangar somewhere to be left and certainly not broken up. If you can get her going all well and good but she has to be 'cared for' in a way that only true Phantom Phanatics can. I strongly believe that there are the facilities, and more importantly the passion, at Bruntingthorpe rather than any place in Scotland - that means that more people can see her too and on a regular basis thereby hopefully parting with some cash to keep her in tip top condition! There are more engineers go to Bruntingthorpe too! As much as I would love to keep here, get her a lovely wee cosy hangar/HAS and start my own heritage centre here in her spiritual home (even under Army control!) I honestly feel that she would be in better hands being looked after by a group of dedicated Phantom Phanatical engineers even if it is South of the Border! :smile:

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Re: Save "Black Mike" Group

Post by Unknown74 »

Just a thought shame there is not a Morayvia type group in the Leuchars Area willing to open up a similar centre there. Very much doubt the Army are going to utilise the whole Leuchars Base so maybe a corner could be kept as a Leuchars Aviation Heritage Centre type of thing for the Phantoms, Lightning and Tornado F.3....

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Re: Save "Black Mike" Group

Post by Buzz »

Whoever buys, gets!! Basically!! If someone up in Scotland buys her, then it can stay there!! simples! Calm down Scots!

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Re: Save "Black Mike" Group

Post by ArabJazzie »

Buzz wrote:Whoever buys, gets!! Basically!! If someone up in Scotland buys her, then it can stay there!! simples! Calm down Scots!

Sorry, we dont have trolls here in Scotland!!!

boff180 wrote:I'm sorry, am I reading this correctly.

There are people on here actually saying that they would only support Black Mike being saved if she stayed in Scotland.....

... who gives a hoot where she is being kept, the priority has to be to save her first, then argue where she will go....


Whats wrong with that Boff?

Face it, this aircraft spent most, if not all of its service life at Leuchars with 43 and 111! If you want a Phantom at Brunters, why not swap it with the East Fortune F-4J then BM can be kept as close to its "home" as possible!

As much of a shame as it is, its never gonna be a runner due to the conditions that guaranteed its survival!
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Re: Save "Black Mike" Group

Post by boff180 »

I really don't care if it's a runner or not, I care that the aircraft is saved from the scrapman.

I also don't care where she ends up as long as she is on public display.

If someone in Scotland can save her fair play and I wish them all the luck in the world but until that point there is currently only one campaign to save her and that should be backed to the hilt by anyone that cares about the future of this airframe.

It's either that or the scrapman.