What gave you the aviation bug?

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What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by tommo999 »

Was discussing this with a mate the other day, so as per the title, what event(s) got you into aviation as a hobby?

For me, it would have to be watching the Harrier rise vertically from the pan at one of the old Southend Airport open days during the airshow weekend. It shook the living daylights out of everything; hands went over ears etc. but I was hooked. What more recently 'converted' me into historic aviation was in part a lot of the classic modern types retiring - Harrier, Jaguar, Nimrod etc. along with a wealth of new warbird restorations and the discovery of the online forums and resources (and Old Warden!).

This sort of discussion has almost certainly been done in the past - but there are a lot of new members, so would be good to hear other people's stories.

Over to you!

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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by The Flying Barrel »

My Dad.

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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by itfcscott »

My Mum and Dad taking me down to the Clacton and Southend airshows when I was young and has grown from there.

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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by aceyone »

Growing up near Biggin Hill and holidaying on the Norfolk Broads in the late fifties and sixties !
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Danny »

My Father for me too. He took me to all the Mildenhall shows during the late 90s and I never looked back!
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Pablo »

Growing up under the Heathrow/Gatwick stack zones and near to Biggin Hill so having what, to a kid, was the world's best airshow just a few miles up the road. That, coupled with my granddad's involvement in WW2 (Glider Pilot Regiment). I was a bit of a liability when I was very small - dashing outside to answer an aircraft's call more or less as soon as I could walk! A bit later on, I guess trips to East Anglia helped, too - fond memories of A-10s or Jaguars tearing it up over the local terrain!

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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by 8674planes »

Going to Southend airshow every year for as long as I can remember, also living near the 06 glide path helped! Historic aviation wise it would have to be Duxford :smile:
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Beefy »

Living approx. 5 miles from the piano keys of Runway 04 at Coltishall for the first 18 years of my life :rock: and growing up in an era when the sky was full of jets! I use to lose count at the number of A-10s we would get over in a day, along with F-111s, F-4s etc. plus traffic coming and going from Europe. The TACAN routes were a lot busier in those days too!!! I think there were more active military airfields in East Anglia back then than there is across the whole country now :sad:

If I was a child now, then I would grow up with no interest in aviation - there's simply nothing over here anymore to get your attention, we may get the odd 1 day per month with some activity from Lakenheath or maybe a Typhoon but even that is pushing it...

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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Wissam24 »

Probably growing up within walking distance of RAF Museum Hendon.
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by philh »

A military event held in Heaton Park, Manchester late 60's maybe very early 70's. Remember seeing the Lancaster in the distance. Not been able to find out any info on it on the Internet.

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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by zoomer »

My Father... unstoppable.

When he was 16 he got a job in the draughting office at Hawkers in Kingston.
Two weeks later the first bombs fell on London (WWII) and he was deemed to live too far from Kingston to keep the job, so ended up driving ambulances instead before service in Egypt.
After losing that chance, his non-working life was wholly aircraft focused (and Glenn Miller).

So I had no hope - but not heavily into Miller though (I reckon aliens took him :cool: )

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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by tankbuster81 »

My brother took me to a Biggin Hill airshow in his Austin Maxi in the 1970's. I saw the Magisters of the Patrouille De France ,Starfighters and the vulcan,and i was hooked. Plus dad used to take us to Heathrow plane spotting with our I spy books.
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Orion »

Seeing a 613 Sqdn Harvard while out buying sweeties in 1952. Still get a thrill when I hear that sound.

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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by PeteM »

For me it probably started in the late 1960s when my parents took be to the annual Battle of Britain Air Shows at RAF St Mawgan. With Shackletons flying over the house every day and the sound of the Chivenor Hunter 'blue note' regularly heard in the distance there was no chance of a young lad being interested in anything else.

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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Ledhead27 »

Going on holiday to Rhodes when I was about 3 probably kick-started my hobby. Our villa was on the approach to the airport which meant I could spend hours on end just watching aircraft on approach. Probably the first point when I wanted to fly myself was when the receptionist for the Concorde Tours at the Manchester AVP recommended I took a trial flight, and from then on in I've been flying!
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Tim Holden »

Being taken by my Grandad to Wattisham to watch Lightnings just before they were traded in for Phantoms. When a bit older I used to bike up to Wattisham in the summer holidays.
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Red Dragon »

My Father as well + living on the flight path to RAF Valley = Aviation mad Me!!! :grin:

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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Abingdonman »

Definitely living near an airfield (Abingdon of course)because of the land layout the aircraft flew in between our houses and the main village,so we had it day and night at the house at that time,and daytime at school ....occasionally we local kids would bike the couple of miles to the airfield and watch the take offs & landings...
great days,and I rarely go near Abingdon without stopping and taking a look!
but strangely,I dont recall any great desire to have joined the RAF :shock:

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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by AndyXH558 »

Taking my grandparents to the airport in 1975 and the red arrows flying over the car and the day after the open day at the British airways hangar at Manchester airport. I Was hooked.
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Daz »

My Dad taking me to Airshows at Rochester, Biggin Hill and Farnborough, that's when the Airshow/Aviation bug bit.
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Mad Dan »

Being at a secondary modern school that was no more than two miles from the end of Northolt's runway. It was inevitable once I decided to look upwards and see what was making the noise - it was a Belgian C-119... I was lost ever after...
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by pbeardmore »

My dad was in the oil and fuel sector and got some free trade tickets to Farnborough (mid 70s), hooked from then on.
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by DanH »

My parents used to take me along to the Biggin Hill and Farnborough airshows in the early 90s when I was a nipper and in particular I have memories of seeing The Vulcan displaying, the Red Arrows arriving from crowd rear and of Harriers hovering. When I was 4 I broke my wrist and ended up going to the Biggin Hill airshow with my arm in plaster and managed to get all 9 Red Arrows pilots to sign it so they kind of became heroes of mine that day. Something the doctor evidently didn't quite understand when it came to the cast being removed as he wouldn't let me keep it. :mad:
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by MRTT »

When I was taken to an airshow in 1980 at Greenham Common- I will remember it for the rest of my life
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Re: What gave you the aviation bug?

Post by Thumper »

Living next door to RAF Coningsby plus my Dad being a pilot and big enthusiast taking me to airshows. Nothing quite like a few low flying Phantoms over the fields in the morning, ahhh those were the days! :yahoo:

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