Most influential aircraft?

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Re: Most influential aircraft?

Post by Lee606 »

Avro Vulcan

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Re: Most influential aircraft?

Post by n0143773 »

Personally, it's the Nimrod r1 for me! Only because my dad flew on them for most of his career, and so I grew up watching and listening to those wonderful speys! That's what got me into aviation!

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Re: Most influential aircraft?

Post by Rampvan »

I still say the Bleriot XI, before Louis Bleriots cross channel flight aircraft were deemed as a play thing, couple of mile this way couple of mile back and hopefully no crash inbetween! :whistle: what Bleriot did opened up this plaything to a serious money making venture, the possibility of international air travel. Obviously WW1 pushed development of the aircraft but the seed had already been sown in 1910

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Re: Most influential aircraft?

Post by AndyXH558 »

Avro Type F - the first monoplane with an enclosed cockpit, way ahead of any design of its age.
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