Joe Sutter, father of the 747

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Joe Sutter, father of the 747

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Passed away, at the age of 95.

A legend. RIP

His book is well worth a read, a fascinating insight into what to took to create the 747: ... sutter+747

Hopefully it'll get reprinted, and the price will come down!

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Re: Joe Sutter, father of the 747

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A legend indeed. From what I've read, everyone at Boeing at the time was understandably keen to work on the SST programme, with the 747 being the also ran and expected to rapidly become a cargo aircraft. Funny how things turn out; pleasing that it is still in production at the time of his passing.
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Re: Joe Sutter, father of the 747

Post by pbeardmore » ... p=p044z1jn

This makes nice viewing from a different era - they were in awe of the 747

In just four months, the world's first jumbo jet goes into regular service over the Atlantic. Already 200 have been ordered by the world's airlines. Each is designed to carry nearly 500 passengers. The jumbo has been called a 'pilot's dream.' But will it also be an airport's nightmare?

By next year, half a dozen of the giants may be queuing at peak hours to disgorge their passengers at London Airport. Round the world, airports face their biggest jam in history. Jumbo jets will revolutionise airport design. But they may also speed up other travel developments, with far-reaching effects on the design and peace, of our cities. (1969)
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