Pilot killed in plane crash at Caernarfon Airport

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Pilot killed in plane crash at Caernarfon Airport

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Sad News :sad:

(Don't know the proper way to post BBC links to have them pop up like a FB post)
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Re: Pilot killed in plane crash at Caernarfon Airport

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That is tragic news - this place was my first away landing on my PPL qualifying triangulation cross country, and I had to go round twice because I was too high the first time, touched down, but nearly came a cropper as the end of the runway loomed up. Full power & low circuit and lowered height to 800' (why wasn't I briefed on that?) Steep hills to the East; with an updraft and a relatively short runway - I got down ok but there was also an air rally event, so didn't even get a cup of tea! Set off for second leg to Speke (as it was then) and had a play with a RAF Bulldog en route, and back to Blackpool The town where dreams come true :win:

That is a place that always remains vivid in my memory - rest in peace, dear departed airmen. It is through your endeavours others triumph. :sad:
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