Hyakuri help please

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Hyakuri help please

Post by HeyfordDave111 »

A week to go before i'm in the land of the F-4's, and i have a few questions for those that have been please.

1) Where's the nearest place to Hyakuri i can get a 4 rung step ladder for afternoon shooting around the base?

2) Closest 7/11 store or provisions store?

3) Anyone ever got to see the Airbase museum aircraft there, and how? (not the airport phantoms)

I'm staying at Narita on the arrival day in country (Sunday), and driving to Hyakuri around 8am, and staying for 5 days in Mito just north of Hyakuri. Hotels, booked, car booked, ETS, booked, camera and lenses cleaned, and now looking forward to the trip of the decade for me!

If anyone can help i'd appreciate it.

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Re: Hyakuri help please

Post by UC880 »

Hi Dave,

I went to Hyakuri in March this year doing virtually the same as yourself; into Narita on the Sunday afternoon and up to Mito for a few nights, driving to Hyakuri each day.

Who have you booked your hire car with - if it is Times Car rental they have a stock of ladders behind the car collection facility - as I found out after carrying a set of ladders from Manila and being questioned at NRT by customs as to why "I bring a set of radders". Anyway, if you message them you can take your pick from their collection.

I paid cash for the toll roads and if I recall correctly it was about 23 quid from NRT up to Mito, the road from Mito to Hyakuri had no tolls and was a nice peaceful drive. I got the reception in the hotel in Mito to phone Mr Umizawa to arrange for access to the peace gate the night before.

4 step ladders is fine for the fence and there are some 7-11s and the like in Mito and you will pass several on the way to Hyakuri so no problems stocking up. I didn't photograph the aircraft at the gate, only the F4s at the civil airport.

Overall it was a fantastic few days for me - non stop action and sunshine. I am sure you will enjoy it very much.

PM me if you need any further info.

Cheers, Mark

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Re: Hyakuri help please

Post by jaguar54 »

I went there last year but with an Aviation tour group, all the aircraft on the gate are inside the base and when we asked to photo them the answer we got was "if your not Japanese you cannot come in" but carry your passport with you because you will be checked out and they might take your picture but once you got through all that they leave you alone. Now on the oppersite side of the civil terminal there is a shrine if you can find the man who looks after it he will let you in (with a small price) the shrine runs into the base and at the end it has two wooden towers with platforms and anything that taxi's out taxi's right in front of you. but remember if you go to any other bases be ready to be checked out either by the military or by policemen in smart suits, but like I said once you have been checked out they will leave you to take as many pictures you like. Enjoy you will not be disapointed.

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