Airport webcams?

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Airport webcams?

Post by DMH »

An off-topic question for the hive mind here.
Are there any good quality, public accessible webcams on airports? I’m trying to set up an on-line resource for the local scouts to do their Air Spotter badge but part of the badge involves visiting an airfield and recording what they see. I thought they could do the same via webcams instead. I know there’s not many aircraft flying at the moment but if they could “visit” a few major airports they would see quite a lot.

Many thanks from me and the 1st Warley Scouts!

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Re: Airport webcams?

Post by tankbuster » not very major but three aircraft currently on show at Solent/Daedelus

on the page below there are links to a few UK and european ... cam_1.html
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Re: Airport webcams?

Post by pbeardmore »

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Re: Airport webcams?

Post by WG655 »

Also not major, admittedly, but a good quality webcam nonetheless where you might catch the odd glimpse of something.

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Re: Airport webcams?

Post by Talldan76 »

This has to be the best one?

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Re: Airport webcams?

Post by Big Eric »

Talldan76 wrote:This has to be the best one?

Easily the best, but a bit like watching paint dry at present sadly. :tumbleweed:

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Re: Airport webcams?

Post by TonyB »

Another from SXM.........

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Re: Airport webcams?

Post by lambo17841 » worth a try


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