A New Step Into Space

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Re: A New Step Into Space

Post by ianf »

Hard dock completed. Sorting things out ready for opening hatch. I must say the photography was remarkable quality.The view from Dragon towards the space station was awesome. Talking of the progress made since Apollo etc. I just watched the whole event live from my PC no big TV network. Quality of image light years ahead. Dragon is a 7 seater whilst we do appear to have gone back in shape, the amount of new vehicles coming on line the next few years, Their reliability and increase capabilities, may mean that the pause that happens after Apollo. will at last start us back to the moon and beyond.
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Re: A New Step Into Space

Post by TonyC »

I was amazed at how quickly it took off and cleared the tower, I was sort of expecting it to be a lot slower but guess its not carrying as much weight as the Saturn V or Shuttle did!
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Re: A New Step Into Space

Post by verreli »

BobL wrote:
Sun 31 May 2020, 11:39 am
I followed the Gemini and Apollo missions as a wannabe-astronaut and sat up through the night watching Apollo 11 with my dad, so I hope it all does signal a return to more space stuff, even though we should perhaps get the Earth sorted out first.
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Re: A New Step Into Space

Post by JonMann »

BobL wrote:
Sun 31 May 2020, 11:39 am
I haven't really followed the SpaceX project and assume they only sent two up as that was all they needed on the ISS?
They only sent two as it was a demo/test flight.

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Re: A New Step Into Space

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ianf wrote:
Sat 30 May 2020, 7:39 pm
Dragon is now in orbit. Stage 1 landed back on remote ship. John I remember watching Gemini and Apollo too. Some things the same looking other totally different. The cockpit and the space suits look more at home in a Sci fi movie!😃
Thing that strikes me is the Wellie boots :grinning: they are wearing straight out of a early Sci fi movie or UFO etc