A new KC-46A defect

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A new KC-46A defect

Post by buccs2b »

A new defect has just been reported for the KC-46A concerning the palletised toilet & kitchen module. Due to the orientation of the installation, the toilet leaks into the main compartment of the aeroplane. :face_vomiting: The cabin rails in the Pegasus are not as widely spaced as in other US Military transports necessitating the module being rotated 90 degress for installation, this affects the toilet pipework and causes the leak. Apparently the USAF did not specify the rail spacing so it's it is not down to Boeing to pay for any fix
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Re: A new KC-46A defect

Post by Wissam24 »

Amazing to think they could've had the almost unqualified success of the A330 MRTT instead.
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Re: A new KC-46A defect

Post by capercaillie »

So the flight crew will have to be issued with a peg-asus as standard kit.

Coat already collected.
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