Waddington 2011... Thoughts and comments

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Re: Waddington 2011... Thoughts and comments

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Sarang wrote:Hi all, here are my (extremely late) thoughts on Waddington 2011!

Flying Display:

What I really like about Waddington is the respect they give to their star items and the relaxed atmosphere (ie. hour devoted to Thunderbirds and they were also parked in an excellent position- very much the opposite of the treatment the Saudi Hawks received at RIAT!).

Taken from the position where the crowd barrier was placed during public days ..................... how much better do you want for pity's sake?



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Re: Waddington 2011... Thoughts and comments

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StevieSays wrote:JJC - the whole point of having these forums etc is for people to express their views, offer assistance and have an opinion. At the end of the day that was My take on the airshow and therefore am entitled to MY opinions on what I would like to see improved.

So take a chill pill :surrender:

Actually, everything JJC said was completely correct.

Whether you like it or not, they're not going to put the special anniversary aircraft scheme in the flying because it has the scheme. You seem to be overlooking the complications involved and think 'hey, why not take that off and fly it..'.

Fair enough, it's just your opinion. But it's never going to be the case that they just stick aircraft up for flypasts - it just doesn't work like that.

And 'fs9demon', calling someone an ass because they put across a perfectly valid argument makes your comment slightly ironic..

Keep up the good work Silentflight and team!


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Re: Waddington 2011... Thoughts and comments

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"You really are an oafish philistine at times!"

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Re: Waddington 2011... Thoughts and comments

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I attended Waddington on the saturday, as usual. Came down from north through Lincoln and, having set off early, had the best run through town ever, only finally hitting the queue on the base itself. Parked in the sports field, nice and close by, and after being mistaken for the Taliban and being random bag searched (to which I have absolutely NO objection, but it amused those I was with!) it was straight in.
I agree with what many have said about the static being a bit thin, but there was the odd rare jem such as the Dutch KDC10, plus of course the 2 R1's together at an airshow for the last time. While on the subject of ground displays, I felt the hangar exhibits were weak this year, struggling to half fill a hangar. Also I disliked the ratio of general traders to aircraft 'stuff' related traders, however I understand the need for such things, and the funfair, to appeal to the less aviation-minded general public.

The flying display had its highs and lows too.
Vulcan. Best display I've seen it fly since its RAF days by far!
B-17. Nice one organisers for booking her and letting us up north see her again!
BBMF. As ever, excellent.
Belgian F16. Excellent display
Bronco. Again, well done to the organisers for booking something different, and excellent it was too. First time I've seen a Bronco in the air and I hope not the last.
Team Viper. A really nice display guys!

Thunderbirds. Over-hyped yawn fest. Did nothing for me.
Rivet Joint. Was the fly by for us on the ground, or those in the International Space Station's benefit? It was, er, a tad high...

Overall I thought the flying display had something for everyone, and was the best we could expect given current operational requirements. A massive thankyou and well done to the organisers and all the staff at Waddo, I for one will be back for next year! :yahoo:
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