Festa al Cel, 23-24 September 2017

Festa al Cel, 23-24 September 2017

Postby Chrisse on Tue 28 Mar 2017, 4:10 am

After last year's cancellation, the show is moving to a new location: the seafront of Santa Susanna to the north of Barcelona. The main showw will be held on Sunday 24 September, 10:00-14:00, but with rehearsals and some demonstrations during the days leading up to the main show, in addition to an exhibition, culinary activities, etc

Participants announced in the Vanguardia:

Spanish military:
Patrulla Aguila
Patrulla Aspa

Polish air force :

French air force :
Patrouille de France

Belgian air force :

Civilian :
A320 Vuelling (formation with Harrier)
Jetman Dubai (formating on Patrulla Aguila)
Franky Zapata flyboard
Super Saeta
Aeroclub de Sabadell

It is not clear which of these participants will combine it with Duxford :wink: :ninja:
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Re: Festa al Cel, 23-24 September 2017

Postby Wrexham Mackem on Tue 28 Mar 2017, 10:01 am

Looks a good little show, and I've always fancied doing this one, but it has to be pointed out your 'north of Barcelona' is a long way, some 60 kilometres up the coast and is just about at Lloret de Mar, which puts a whole different complexion on the weekend away! I have no objection to a weekend in Lloret de Mar of course, but the old wander through the beautiful city, down the Ramblas, and around the marina to the beach that the show once was is now something else completely.

I'll have a look at flights nearer the time, it could be a sweet end to the season.
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Wrexham Mackem
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Re: Festa al Cel, 23-24 September 2017

Postby Chrisse on Tue 28 Mar 2017, 1:36 pm

True enough that is now a ways away from the center, though still a direct train ride from Plaza Catalunya. With the show finishing at 14:00, still plenty of time to hop on a train and amble round the city. Hotels in Santa Susanna are generally far more affordable than the offerings in Barcelona, which for foreign visitors is certainly a plus :)
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Re: Festa al Cel, 23-24 September 2017

Postby clearstone on Mon 31 Jul 2017, 1:31 pm

A word of caution on this event, it will no longer take place at Santa Susanna or over the coast. Hopefully the Event Organiser and Local Goverment will be able to move it to Llieda Airport. Still awaiting final confirmation. :hide:


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