Eastbourne Airshow 2017

Re: Eastbourne Airshow 2017

Postby timuss on Sat 19 Aug 2017, 5:13 pm

A Nice day on Beachy Head if a little windy, a nice pass from Miss Helen and a roll Sally B exited via Beachy Head and the to top it off we got a nice topside from the F16 as he climbed out via Beachy. Can't comment on the Spit and Buchon as i was sheltering in the car not sure which way the Mig went either. Definatley worth a gamble maybe the wind might not be so bad tomorrow.
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Re: Eastbourne Airshow 2017

Postby CalumG on Sat 19 Aug 2017, 5:23 pm

I was at the seafront today and enjoyed myself. Highlights were Rich Goodwin, Belgian F-16, Hurricane, Buchon & both solo Spitfires.

Felt sorry for the MIG and Wingwalkers (even though I use them as my toilet break) since both scrubbed their displays half way through due to the unexpected rain! The MiG went home the same way it arrived (Pier side).

I don't if it's just me but I felt the Reds were a little distant this year, and the Hurricane and BBMF Spit seemed quite close?

Even the rain didn't dampen my spirit and I went home a happy man! :smile:

Re: Eastbourne Airshow 2017

Postby CalumG on Sat 19 Aug 2017, 5:40 pm

Oh, out of interest does anyone know why the Hurricane was put forward?

And I forgot to mention the cheers along the seafront when the sun shone after that heavy shower!

Re: Eastbourne Airshow 2017

Postby LN Strike Eagle on Sun 20 Aug 2017, 9:29 am

Anyone got the timings for this afternoon?
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Re: Eastbourne Airshow 2017

Postby Tilney.G on Sun 20 Aug 2017, 9:47 am

12:00 Red Arrows
12:35 Mig
12:45 Rich Goodwin
12:58 Buchon
13:10 Hurricane
13:22 Catalina
13:34 Wingwalkers
13:51 Spitfire
14:03 Blades
14:21 Mustang
14:33 Fireflies
14:45 Team Raven
15:00 Strikemaster
15:12 Tigers
15:30 BBMF
15:47 Typhoon
15:57 F-16

Of course that may change! :smile:

Re: Eastbourne Airshow 2017

Postby LN Strike Eagle on Sun 20 Aug 2017, 10:29 am


No Vampires?
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Re: Eastbourne Airshow 2017

Postby Witchcraft24 on Mon 21 Aug 2017, 10:53 am

Just back from an enjoyable 4 days at Eastbourne. Despite a windy start, the weather played ball with some huge crowds on Saturday and Sunday. Highlights for me were Sally B, Rich Goodwin and the Fireflies pyros, with the Buchon on Sunday and the Griffon Spitfire being the best of the warbirds. Fair play to the Belgians for providing a flare firing F16 all 4 days - especially the last inverted pass on Sunday, where Gizmo seemed to let off every flare he had left (and the unexpected pairs pass on Friday).

Re: Eastbourne Airshow 2017

Postby Captain Skyhawk on Mon 21 Aug 2017, 6:28 pm

I took a last-minute punt on Eastbourne, going up Beachy Head Sunday for the photo opportunities - and it was a total waste of time. I knew it couldn't match 2015 (Vulcan) or 2016 (Sea Vixen, although I think we only got that because of his flap problem). Although other UKAR posts showed several aircraft from the clifftops on Saturday, which is why I went ahead with it, the only thing that came remotely close below the head was the Pitts (thanks Rich), but that's a rather small aircraft. The Catalina would have been great but it came from and went to the east, as did the Typhoon and Strikemaster. The Buchon and MiG-15 cut through to the east of BH (thus overflying the secondary crowd, albeit at a reasonable height). The surprise Chinook display came in from way out to sea and left the same way. The Mustang looked promising, but climbed quite high after a roll as it left heading west. I had moved further back towards Eastbourne as the BBMF Spit XIX did a rather short display and I was looking away when it went west where it may have presented a reasonable picture in fading light. I was back at Helen Gardens by the time the F-16 closed the show (great flares) and he went away around BH, so maybe someone got some good shots there if they held out that long. Someone had the commentary on their phone and I heard something along the lines of "those watching from Beachy Head will have had a great view of the show". No they didn't.

The organisers seem to be terrified something will crash upwards far off its track and ordered a wide berth of the head. Sally B seems to have been an exception for Saturday (but where was she on Sunday?). Before I am accused of freeloading, I've been three times now, spent money in the town, viewed the exhibition on the seafront, bought food there (but no real helicopters or military vehicles this year) and bought a programme, which is as much as many viewers at show centre do, before hiking up the head. I doubt very much I will go again.

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Re: Eastbourne Airshow 2017

Postby MC hammer on Mon 21 Aug 2017, 9:21 pm

Firstly Captain Skyhawk, you are not a freeloader at a free airshow and although I normally donate via the volunteer buckets, if I see them, you've spent more than I ever have just by purchasing a programme.

With regards to Beachy Head, much has been written by myself and others on this forum, speculating about whether aircraft are told to avoid the area. I don't see how they could be, as surely the one thing they would avoid doing would be overflying the secondary crowd, which you witnessed, as did I on Friday. Also some aircraft did route in/out in a way that would lend itself to half decent photography, albeit they ideally could have done with being lower.

I think two things may have changed. Firstly, perhaps pilots are more cautious about flying very low around the Head, with the very restricted view this would give them of any other traffic. I'm sure people will remember some very dynamic low and fast passes, playing to the crowd if you like, the Vulcan and Hunter Miss Demeanour spring to mind and perhaps these are a thing of the past.

Secondly, I went to Beachy Head this year and in 2016 with very low anticipation, due to the fact that being only really interested in modern military, I didn't think there was anything much in the display that was likely to reward me.

Looking back at 2015, we had the RN Sea King, Chinook, Dakota, Blenheim, JP and the Vulcan all coming around the Head, all of which were absent this year bar the one day appearance of the Chinook. Previous acts which have traditionally played ball, like the Tucano, King Air, BBMF and Belgian/Dutch choppers were also missing and very little has been Shoreham based for the last two years bar the regulars. Therefore I think much of the problem lies with the lack of available display aircraft from the current military.

Without wanting to start a 2018 wish list, if next year had the Chinook all four days, along with the RN Blackcats, a Belgian or Dutch NH-90, maybe a Merlin beach assault like Bournemouth have, and the return of the Tucano, all operating from Shoreham, then I would be hopeful once again for Beachy Head and the opportunities it gives. I'd be interested in what others might think.
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Re: Eastbourne Airshow 2017

Postby LN Strike Eagle on Mon 21 Aug 2017, 10:40 pm

I was talking to a pilot at the weekend about Beachy Head and he said they are told/briefed to give it a wide berth.
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