Living History!

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Living History!

Post by Timc »

Popped down to the Severn Valley Railway last Sunday for a couple of hours to see what the 1940's Weekend Event was all about.

Thanks to the South Staffs Living History Group for providing an entertaining afternoon, although some of the "set pieces" were a little too realistic it has to be said!

The event is also happening this coming weekend too.


ImageLiving History-2 by timc1963, on Flickr

ImageLiving History-3 by timc1963, on Flickr

ImageLiving History-4 by timc1963, on Flickr

ImageLiving History by timc1963, on Flickr

ImageLiving History-6 by timc1963, on Flickr

ImageLiving History-7 by timc1963, on Flickr

ImageLiving History-5 by timc1963, on Flickr

ImageLiving History-8 by timc1963, on Flickr

ImageLiving History-9 by timc1963, on Flickr

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Re: Living History!


Great photo's, but have to say it worries me too how some re-enactors carry the German thing too far. As a re-enactor myself ( Luftwaffe Aircrew for 8 years ) I am very aware and careful how i portray what I do, as all to often the press like to call us all Nazi's. Don't get me wrong ive been taken prisoner many times, but draw the line at taking females prisoner ( even if they have pe-planed it, it can cause distress to on looking children and alienate the public ). Your photographs are fabulous and they depict a great event, I like the way you have captured the feel of the period.... :clap:

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Re: Living History!

Post by fideaux »

"Went the Day Well?".

Too realistic for you?

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Re: Living History!

Post by K213 »

Appreciate re-enactors generally aim at keeping history alive - however curious as to how many have actually served in the military and worn a uniform for real.

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Re: Living History!


Well me personally, I spent 3 years in the Army cadets, 3 years in Royal Auxiliary Air Force, 6 years Royal Air Force, 30 Years working as a MOD civil servant on a US air base. I must admit even I'm surprised how many ex-service personnel do living history, but even those who have no service history do an incredible amount of research into their subject and the detail of their chosen uniform and the history behind it. Not to mention the amount of spending they undertake to get uniforms and equipment as close to the real thing as possible.

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Re: Living History!

Post by tankbuster »

They are really good. You have an eye for getting the composition just right
Trevor C
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Re: Living History!

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Dare I be picky ( besides the obvious modern glasses & coiled radio/mic lead )......DAK in an ETO setting..... :whistle:
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