Bear with me

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Bear with me

Post by iainpeden »

I have just started using Flckr so I'm learning at the moment. I took this at Neets Bay in Alaska earlier this month. I have played around with it in Picasa becasue the original was very dark; dark bears against a very glary background and brilliant blue sky.

There were no barriers but the bears prefer salmon to human.

ImageAlaska 2017 Ketchikan by Iain Peden, on Flickr

I have also posted photos of some of the floatplanes we saw - DHC Beavers and Cessna Caravans - in the general aviation section
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Re: Bear with me

Post by Phantom 892 »

Great shot.

Must be weird to photograph a bear without there being a metal fence in front of you!

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Re: Bear with me

Post by CJS »

Really really lovely and so much nicer than ones taken in a zoo. Beautiful shot sir. :-)
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