Glossy ibis

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Glossy ibis

Post by helired3 »

i took my partner out Saturday to try and get her some cattle egret photos but sadly they had moved on so we decided to just have a walk around a near by reserve and managed to fined not one but two rare visitors to the uk glossy ibis. it started of very overcast then got lucky with a burst of sun to show up some of the colours of these birds.

ImageGlossy ibis poles apart by ian harris, on Flickr

ImageGlossy ibis by ian harris, on Flickr

ImageGlossy ibis by ian harris, on Flickr

Thanks for looking
Ian Harris

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Re: Glossy ibis

Post by aceyone »

Excellent shots !
Don't know about those jets ,they spoil a very nice place

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Re: Glossy ibis

Post by GeorgeP »

Very nice, Ian. They're reasonably common here in Oz but always a pleaseure to see them, particularly in the light that you have captured them.


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Re: Glossy ibis

Post by Airwolfhound »

Very cool to see Ian, well done mate :-)

Agile, mobile and hostile ;-)

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Re: Glossy ibis

Post by Blackbird »

Great photos in lovely light 👏👏


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