Recovering deleted Photo on SD Card-Help!

Recovering deleted Photo on SD Card-Help!

Postby StuWeston on Wed 08 Jan 2020, 12:31 pm

Hello all,
In a sticky situation with a deleted photo on my SD Card. Have tried mutliple recovery softwares to get the photo back, and whilst some enable me to recover it, it always recovers and saves corrupted in some way. By this I mean the picture is sliced in half, and off-setted from the top portion of the picture to not line up correctly. However, its not as simple as cloning it back together on Photoshop as the colours and brightness/contrast colours are different, and on top of all of this a small portion of the two sides is missing.

Has anyone encountered a situation like this, or has heard of something like this and an offer any help? Or if not, does anyone have any reccommendations for specific SD card recovery software that worked for them?

Many thanks and look forward to hearing from people who know a lot more about this than I do!
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Re: Recovering deleted Photo on SD Card-Help!

Postby Ian G on Wed 08 Jan 2020, 12:47 pm

You can try ZAR recovery - image recovery is free on this program, never failed me yet!

However I doubt you will be able to do any more than you have done as it is recovering something relevant to that file. When things like cards and hard drives are deleted, the file doesn't get removed, the computer is just told the space that particular file took up is now free to be taken by something else, if that makes sense. It looks like part of the file structure on that image has gone and you're viewing what is left of that file.
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Re: Recovering deleted Photo on SD Card-Help!

Postby blackfive460 on Wed 08 Jan 2020, 2:53 pm

Been there, had that problem...

After trying various recovery softwares and getting corrupt results I eventually had better results (but not perfect) with Recuva (just the free version). That was from a corrupt 2TB hard drive which took 17 hours to scan and recover!

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Re: Recovering deleted Photo on SD Card-Help!

Postby StuWeston on Wed 08 Jan 2020, 4:57 pm

Thanks very much for the replies both of you, Ian I am currently scanning the card with the software suggested, blackfive I tried Recuva and although it did recover the photo, it was in that instance the corrupted file. The reason I ask for this as well and a detail I forgot to mention is that on a particular software, it did actually show a non corrupted, "perfectly fine" image. But, the free version of the software was preview only and had to pay $70 for one months access to download the full software and subsequent photo. Now, I would love the image back but I'm really not in a postion to be spending that amount of money on just one photo. This does however give me hope that all is not lost and a successful recovery is achievable.

Will keep trying....
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Re: Recovering deleted Photo on SD Card-Help!

Postby GeorgeP on Fri 10 Jan 2020, 8:24 am

Stu, I'm afraid that I have never experienced the problem that you describe but I have deleted images that I had not backed up. Is your SD card manufactured by SanDisk? Whenever I have bought a SanDisk card it has come with some free recovery software.

Is it an image of a significant/important aircraft that you can't live without? If it is, I have multiple subscription licences from SanDisk and I'd be happy to give you one if you have not previously tried to recover the image with SanDisk RescuePRO.

Let me know whether you need it and we can sort it out via PM. Good luck.


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