Panamoz - Highly Recommended

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Panamoz - Highly Recommended

Post by boff180 »

Hi guys,

Following recommendations on Twitter, I recently purchased a Nikon D850 from Panamoz.

This is a Hong Kong based company that ships to the UK. The difference on previous companies like this is that they provide their own 3 year UK warranty to replace the Nikon UK warranty (they don't honour grey imports). Reports are they are no quibble - show them the Nikon quote for any repairs and they will send you the money through Paypal immediately. The package also includes UK power adapters and manuals.

I ordered on Thursday evening and delivery was attempted on the Monday via UPS. Their quoted price includes all shipping, duties and taxes.

Best of all their communication has been excellent and their prices are significantly less than UK retailers. I saved £600 on the WEX price for the D850.

I highly recommend them for your next new DSLR or Lens.


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Re: Panamoz - Highly Recommended

Post by adam2628 »

I am currently looking at buying the Sigma 150-600mm contemporary, but they don't seem to have it on their website :facepalm: They have the sport version though.....


Re: Panamoz - Highly Recommended

Post by Airshowhammer »

Hi Boff I ordered the D850 with them in Jan, really good service. Enjoy :smile:

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Re: Panamoz - Highly Recommended

Post by Nwalch »

I had the D500 from them a few months ago following recommendations on UKAR. Not had to use customer services but the delivery was fast and I would recommend them.

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Re: Panamoz - Highly Recommended

Post by hedgerowops1 »

I can vouch for them has well they are fast and efficient also a lot cheaper than uk shops

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