You Tube uploading video help wanted!

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You Tube uploading video help wanted!

Post by HeyfordDave111 »

Hi everyone,

I have been given my dads video (VHS) of Cranfield airshow 94 (XH558's last public appearance), and ive tried to upload it to You Tube with no success (it's now on my computer as a file).

It uploads, i give it a title, and You Tube dumps me and the video out, which is rather annoying. i was asked to verify myself for an account and did that.

It's not that it's great quality, but it does also have the Tonka F3 display, a raspberry ripple Andover, and 'possibly' the last public showing of the might Buccaneer, when 1 started the display but 2 finished it (low level run ins etc), so i thought it might be an idea to upload the video just to see what we have been missing out on these last 25 years.

Any help would be gratefully received. and if it works i can upload video of the bears at RIAT, the F-100 leaving on the Monday of 'that' weekend plus a lot more dad and i shot with a crappy Redifusion hired VHS camcorder.

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Re: You Tube uploading video help wanted!

Post by Offbreed »

Maybe it’s the video file format, youtube might not support it, MP4 seems to work well.

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Re: You Tube uploading video help wanted!

Post by elterwater »

What type of file is it at the moment and how large is the file?

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Re: You Tube uploading video help wanted!

Post by phantom6 »

How I handle my video tapes 8mm &vhs, I down load them through a converter system, I use Roxy video plus. there are other converters on the market, but Roxio works well for me ,you can bye a converter from £40 -70

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