Reikan FoCal Software

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Reikan FoCal Software

Post by Talldan76 »


Has anyone purchased Reikan FoCal AF Micro Adjustment software, or have any experience of using it?

I'm thinking of buying it, but want a "real world" review to go by!!


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Re: Reikan FoCal Software

Post by wallace »

While I have not used FoCal, I came across the DotTune method, which worked reasonably well with my 24-105 and 100-400mm lenses... and it's free.

As an aside the "target" for calibrating of my 100-400mm lens was across the street, 20m away!

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Re: Reikan FoCal Software

Post by danspuggti »

I’ve got the FoCal software and it does work.
I think the consumer software is not too dissimilar to the commercial software that companies like Cameracal use to calibrate your lenses (don’t quote me on that!).
HOWEVER it can be an absolute nightmare to get everything set up for ‘ideal’ test conditions.
Usually there’s a compromise to be made e.g. a higher ISO to get the shutter speed up to help prevent camera shake (but depending on camera noise handling can lead to a slightly softer & noisy test image).
I think the FoCal ‘test distance’ for the 400mm end of my Canon 100-400 Mkii was 8 metres.
That doesn’t sound a lot, BUT it’s not easy finding an 8 metre distance with constant light outside of a studio!
I did eventually get all my lenses done at home but it did take some time (in my instance).
Same old sh*t.............just happening on a different day!!!

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