Warning - Scam camera sales web site

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Warning - Scam camera sales web site

Post by Jetnoise »

Evenin' all.

Whilst checking prices for the new EOS R6 I came across "Gabbys Cameras" - came up in a Google search in the promoted ads part - their price was £400 cheaper than the rest (which were all the same - not surprising at launch time) which sparked my interest. Sure enough, further digging found a raft of dissatisfied customers who fell for the site and its associated fake Trust Spot reviews site.

Avoid like the plague!

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Re: Warning - Scam camera sales web site

Post by hunterxf382 »

Sounds even more dodgy when you check Companies House and find that the sole administrator of them uses a hotel address in London as the registered address???

https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/comp ... 4/officers

The hotel in question - Manor House Hotel, 205-207 Hainault Road.

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