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Kits for Sale

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Hi Folks,

Bit bored of building these things and the loft is full of made stuff so no more room and have started mucking about with RC Ships for a change. So before Brexit happens and all that hassle with shipping I though I might start listing a few kits here in case anyone may like to take them off my hands.

I can take the usual paypal and the kits will be shipped standard with Final Delivery with Royal Mail. Registered can be done but will cost extra. All kits would have been opened for the modeller's peek, Mostly bagged are sold complete and decals will be in good nick also.

Shipping cost are from Ireland to UK.

Trumpeter 1/32 A-10A kit#14 Looking for €95 posted


AMT YB-49 Flying Wing kit#8619 Looking for €30 posted (Jet version)
AMT XB-35 Flying Wing kit#8615 Looking for €30 posted (Prop Version)
Hobbycraft Tu-16 Flashpoint Badger kit#1346 looking for €30 posted
Academy KC-97G flying boom tanker Kit#1605 Looking for €25 posted
Hasegawa SP-5B Marlin US Navy Kit#00655 looking for €30 posted
Protojets Resin EE Lightnings Each €39 Posted
PJ-007 P-1B
PJ-008 F-1
PJ-008 F-1
PJ-011 T-5
PJ-010 F-2
AMT XB-70 KIT#8908 Looking For €40 POSTED
Heller N2501 Noratlas kit#350 Decals a bit weary. 1980's boxing looking for €20 posted
Revell Lancaster Mk.1/111 Kit#04300 Looking for €20 posted
Hasegawa J-35OE Draken kit#04300 Austrian Farewell Special, Double kit, Looking for €39 posted
Revell AB.212/UH-1N Kit#04654 €17 posted
Hobbyboss A-7H Corsair II kit#87206 €17 posted
Hobbyboss A-7P kit#87205
Revell PB4Y 'Privateer" kit#04292 €20 posted
Revell Beaufighter TF.X kit#4290 €14 posted
Airfix Lightning F.3 Kit#02080 €8 posted
Matchbox Stranraer kit#PK601 €20 posted
RS Models AV.135 Resin kit €10 posted

Revell B-48 K it#04337 Looking for €70 posted
Academy F-111C kit#12220 Royal Australian Air Force Special Limited Edition Looking for €40 posted
Hasegawa McDonnell Douglas British Phantom FG Mk.1 [Royal Air Force] kit#p17 or 07017 Looking for €40 posted
Heller Mirage IV Kit#80493 Looking for €25 posted (Old boxing)
Airfix Buccanner S2B kit#08100 Looking for €40 posted
Italeri Tornado F.3 Kit#836 Special Italian Decals version €20 posted
Hobbyboss Mirage IIIC Kit#8315 Looking for €20 posted
Eduard Mirage IIICJ kit#8449 Weekend Edition €22 posted
Italeri F-16BD Viper Kit#848 €20 posted
Tamiya F4D Skyray ki#61055 Look for €25 posted
Hobbyboss Tornado F.3 kit#80355 €40 posted

Dragon M4A3 HVSS POA-CWS-H5 1/35 Flamethrower Looking for €20 posted

More to Add when I get a Chance.




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