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Rules and Regulations

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All members and guests of the UK Airshow Review (UKAR) Message Board must acknowledge, understand and obey the following set of rules. They apply to every part of the Message Board including, but not exclusively, thread titles, message posts, user profiles, avatar images, custom member titles and the board's Private Message system. When in doubt please have a go at using common sense and simple manners, because self-moderation is the best way to keep UKAR a clean and tidy place. If you feel something is unclear or you want them to tell you a joke, then please contact a Moderator.

Failure to abide by these rules may result in posts being edited, moved or deleted, your account being removed, or a tonne of gravel being delivered to your driveway without prior notice or warning, and without explanation.

If you feel a post violates any of these rules, is offensive in any way or you need to bring it to the attention of a moderator then please use the 'Report' button (found at the top right corner of every post) to notify us.

The views expressed on the board are entirely those of individual Members. UK Airshow Review and its sponsors accept no responsibility for the content posted or the accuracy of information provided.

Forum Guidelines

We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, except New Year's Day when we shall probably be nursing a headache and keeping Alka Seltzer in business. We promise we won't try and change the rules then, because we might accidentally delete them, or ban all the moderators or something.

    1) Ensure you are posting a message in the most appropriate forum. Any posts deemed to be in the wrong place will be moved. Repeat offenders will simply have their posts removed.

    2) You must use clear and legible English at all times. Some leeway is given if English is not your first language but please remember that this is a UK website. Moderators may delete or edit posts that don't make sense because of poor spelling and/or grammar.

    If you struggle with spelling or the English language then we recommend that you update to the latest version of Internet Explorer that includes a built in spell checker, or download the Firefox web browser ( and install the English (British) Dictionary pack ( which will enable you to check your spelling as you type messages directly into the Message Board.

    3) Text ("txt") speak will not be tolerated anywhere on the forums! Any offending posts will be deleted or amended, repeated offenders will be warned, lol.

    4) Do not exclusively use CAPITAL LETTERS! This is considered SHOUTING. Your keyboard has a 'Caps Lock' so please turn it off when posting on the board. This includes topic titles and message posts/replies. Please only post in sentence case. IF NOT WE WILL JUST SHOUT BACK AT YOU AND YOUR EARS MAY HURT.

    5) Unnecessarily rude language is frowned upon. This includes substituting letters with asterisks and other characters ("£*$%"). If in doubt, don't use the word. Offending posts will be deleted and the member warned, so don't be an arse. We have an Alan Partridge-themed swear filter which will turn your angry rant into a collection of quotations from the great man himself, anyway. "Splendid and tremendous!"

    6) Do not discuss or promote illegal activities anywhere on the board. Our server is hosted in the UK and so is subject to UK law. Do not post text, images or links to other websites with any reference to adult content, sexually orientated material, illegal activity, racism or subjects intended to shock and/or offend. Do not post requests for any of the above either. This also includes your avatar image, information entered in your user profile and the contents of messages sent via the board's Private Message system.

    7) Keep all commentary civil and be courteous at all times. Constructive criticism is welcome (especially in response to image posts where the photographer is seeking advice) but insults directed towards other Members and/or Staff Members will not be tolerated. General derogatory banter is not uncommon on the board, especially from long-term board members, but anything of a spiteful nature will be moderated. Malicious personal attacks will result in a warning and could in some cases lead to an instant ban. If in doubt, leave a pink wafer and retreat. :pinkwafer:

    8) Do not pretend to be or represent somebody else (particularly Lizo Mzimba from Newsround. Don't ask, it's a long story!). Your account will be immediately deleted. Also, do not let anyone else regularly post using your login details, the offending account will be removed. Obviously exceptions to this rule may occur in exceptional circumstances. Do not post on behalf of a banned member, this could also compromise your Membership.

    9) Do not post "Disgruntled Goodbye" messages, they will be deleted immediately. "Disgruntled Hello" messages are equally as silly.

    10) A ban is a ban! If you have your posting rights removed and/or your account deleted then this is a life-time ban, you are not permitted to return to the board in any capacity, including under a different username or alias. It is possible that over time an agreement can be made between the Moderators and a banned member but this is looked at on a case-by-case basis.

    11) The moderators' decision is always final and not open for public discussion. So there. :tongue2:

    If you have an issue, raise it with a Moderator via Private Message, do not post about it on the board – it will be removed and this might get you all worked up. The Moderators reserve the right to not notify a Member of their actions but you are encouraged to contact them if you feel aggrieved.

    12) Don't plagiarise other people's work or information! If your post is not entirely in your own words then quote the original source verbatim (in addition to your post) and include a reference (name/URL etc...). Do not post copyrighted material without explicit permission from the copyright owner.

    13) Photo postings are most welcome but if the photos posted are not your own please credit the original photographer and/or source, ensuring you have permission to do so before posting them. Image dimensions should be no larger than 1600 pixels on the longest edge, and file sizes should not be excessive - a guideline of 500KB each should offer a good compromise between image quality and ease of viewing for those on slower internet connections. If you wish to show a larger image then please link a thumbnail to the image instead.

    14) Please do not hijack other Members' photo threads by posting your own photos as a reply unless you have permission from the thread author. Please start your own photo thread if you have images to post. Offending posts will be crumpled up and dropped in the bin.

    If commenting on a Member's photos, please do not be abusive. By all means use constructive criticism and encouragement if you feel this necessary. Try to be original and supportive instead of merely adding comments like "lovely pictures" or "nice shots" which, whilst being lovely and life-affirming, are not that helpful or useful to the original poster. Unless they asked for such comments, in which case we fully endorse lovely and life-affirming behaviour.

    15) Multiple and/or duplicate postings are considered spamming, which is not permitted! This includes your signature. We reserve the right to remove posts, without warning or reason, if we deem the subject inappropriate or not within the interest of the board Membership.

    Airshow organisers and promoters are permitted to promote their show/event in the forum most relevant to their event. If one does not exist then "Aviation Waffle" can be used instead. Exceptions for promoting charity causes and events can and will be made. The definition of "charity" is entirely down to the Moderators' discretion, please contact a Moderator before posting such promotional material.

    If you link to another site when replying to a question, please don't just link to your site's homepage. Either include the answer in your post along with the link, or link directly to the page on your site that answers the query.

    16) If you are posting a general question then check that your question has not been answered before - use the search feature before posting. This also applies to news and information, you may be duplicating a thread that has previously been started. If this is the case then we will merge the threads or lock the newer one. So think of it a bit like a race. On your marks...

    17) Choose an appropriate subject line for your "Topic Title" when starting a new thread. Think about this carefully and describe what you are about to post. Things like "In need of help" or "Hahahahahahahahahahaha" doesn't really help a viewer of the board decide if they want to spend the time opening and reading your post. Though we'd probably recommend opening the latter, as it will probably be quite good.

    18) Any post deemed unnecessary or pointless will be removed immediately. Repeat offenders may be warned and/or banned. This includes thread bumping, needless post count increasing or comments that are generally not very helpful, e.g. "lol I just had a wee".

    19) Signatures should be setup within your account profile and not manually added to every post, because that will just make you look like a plank. Images are not permitted in your signature and text must all be in one colour. Font sizes must be kept to normal/default and your signature text can span no more than 2 lines. You can not sell or rent the space in your signature, though if you were thinking of doing so, I'd get on the phone to Alan Sugar as you're probably quite the entrepreneur.

    20) If a member receives 3 official warnings then you shall be banished to the tallest tower in the castle. Warnings are permanent. Sometimes Moderators will deem it necessary to only issue a verbal warning, however if you ignore this and persist in breaking rules then further action will be taken, and banishment may ensue.

    21) Repeat offences or deliberate rule breaking (even for petty misdemeanours) may result in your account being removed, especially if you've already received a warning about a related or different matter before. So just don't be a tool, please.

    22) Unless otherwise stated, all submissions to the Message Board are the Members' own/original work and as such remain Copyright to the original poster. This includes both text and images, plus any other media posted. If you wish to reuse or reproduce any part of a Member's post, on a third-party website, printed publication or any other use whatsoever, then you must first obtain permission from the poster before using it elsewhere. Failure to comply with this rule could see legal action taken against offenders by the poster in question and/or UK Airshow Review.

    23) Under no circumstances whatsoever can the 'UK Airshow Review' name be used or quoted when making an application to gain access to military establishments (including UK/MOD and overseas facilities) or when requesting extra access to any public or non-public air show/aviation event (including overseas), such as when applying for press accreditation for access over and above what is offered as standard to the general public. This includes email, written letter, telephone conversations and/or any other means of contact. Any infringement on this rule, no matter how minor an offence, will lead to an instant ban.

    24) Please feel free to link your websites in the "Shameless Promotions" section, but please do not do so elsewhere on the board (i.e. the photography forums etc). Also please do not simply duplicate a post in both the photography forums and "Shameless Promotions", this will see either or both amended by the staff. We do ask that you add a return link to on your website in exchange for you promoting your website in the "Shameless Promotions" section.

    25) Attacks on the website, forum or the members via social networking sites are really not on. Any attacks or false claims/accusations will be dealt with the same way as those on the forum (remember the tallest tower...), and we may give you a community service order where you will be required to spend ten hours cleaning graffiti from the server. If you have a problem with the website or forum please contact the Staff team through the private channels on the site and not social media, because we'll unfollow you. And being unfollowed is sad.


By signing up to the Message Board you agree to UK Airshow Review being allowed to send you Private Messages through the Message Board regarding UK Airshow Review updates, announcements and promotions. This material will come direct from UK Airshow Review and may contain information about any of our sister websites and/or projects.

By posting on the Message Board you agree to UK Airshow Review contacting you with a request to use the information, resources and/or references that you post to generate news items and other topical content on our main website ( and/or any of our other sister sites.

Pictures of the Week

UK Airshow Review highlights some of the best photographs published on the forums. This is done by adding thumbnails of the selected shots to the Picture of the Week section of the main website, linking through to the original threads on the forums. This results in more exposure for those chosen, and sometimes the possibility of winning a prize. However, if you wish to opt-out of this feature please PM us. We hope you won't though!

Mission Statement

The main aim of the UK Airshow Review website and Message Board is to provide enjoyment to its visitors and members and to further enhance the hobby that we all love. All Moderators, "Staff" and contributors are volunteer enthusiasts who maintain UKAR's web presence in their spare time. No one is paid to do this and there are no ulterior motives for UKAR's existence.

UKAR, although supported by various sponsors, is entirely independent and will only ever represent a free and honest opinion. UKAR is not, and never will be, influenced by any third-party. Members of the Message Board are free to express their own opinions which may differ from UKAR. Report and article authors on the UKAR website will only ever submit honest reviews, however positive or negative they may be.

These rules are necessary to maintain a semblance of order but shouldn't detract from your enjoyment of the UKAR Message Board. If you do your best at sticking to all the rules above, there will be no need for the Moderators to wearily execute any moderation, and we shall all have a super-happy-fun time. Okay?

Please drink responsibly.

The UK Airshow Review Team.
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Re: Rules and Regulations

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Seeing a resurgence in breakings of this one, can we please remind everyone of rule 5 of our website - this includes self-censoring with asterisks/symbols.