Biggin Hill Review + POTW

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Biggin Hill Review + POTW

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Re: Biggin Hill Review + POTW

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I've just read Sam Wise's review of Biggin Hill this year. I found a couple of things a bit strange in his otherwise fine write up. Firstly the weather, by 2017 standards, was pretty good on the Saturday and Sunday, although the breeze was a bit stiff on the Saturday. There was plenty of blue sky around and good visibility. It wasn't 'grim' as he describes it. It's all perceptions I guess, but the weather was a million times better than at RIAT for example! On the subject of atmosphere, Sam said it felt a bit flat. Again a personal perception. For me, it was excellent; loads of applause and cheering - although of course ticketing is now limited to the show, in contrast to the 2010 show during which 100k people turned up causing chaos throughout north west Kent! He doesn't mention also the quite superb performance of the Patrouille de France on Sunday, and of the Spirit of Kent Spitfire that closed the show, bringing a lump to the throat and memories of Ray Hanna's displays here. The fast jets were thrilling, the vintage displays impeccable throughout, and, as he says, the Czechs' contribution was superb. As a veteran of BH shows since the late 60s I was pretty impressed by the 2017 effort.

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