Help needed concerning F1 Car transportation.

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Help needed concerning F1 Car transportation.

Post by MarkL »

Hi All

I have an idea to simulate the air transport of F1 cars through the new season. Would give a nice new way to see many parts of the world I've not flown to yet :))

SO I need some help.

Is there anyone out there that knows how this works in RL ? Equipment, companys used, shedules, airports used etc.

I'm guessing that a/c transport is only used for continent changes or breaks in the season when they cars are flown home ?

The team I am looking to transport is Maclaren, so if anyone at all has any info at all on this I would be very greatful.

Kind Regards.


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Re: Help needed concerning F1 Car transportation.

Post by LN Strike Eagle »

AFAIK, the aircraft are chartered by Formula One Management. A lot of the teams personnel fly from Stansted (certainly for the European races and tests), but I'm not sure if the cars go from there or East Midlands. I think it's the latter, probably on DHL aircraft as they are the "official logistics partner" for Formula 1. For the long haul races, I'd imagine it'll be Heathrow or Gatwick for the personnel.

Transport around the European races is generally done by truck I believe, with the mammoth motor homes etc and the chassis all driven to their destinations, but there are a lot of spares that are required and I think a lot of that goes by air to each race. Stuff like the tyres etc probably all goes by air too.

Edit - found a link to an article about it... ... hrain.html
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Re: Help needed concerning F1 Car transportation.

Post by Hawkkeeper »

in the last channel 5 series on Stobart's operations, one programme was about moving theMercedes Petronas team by road from there UK base 3 big Merc artic transporters, just on carried both F1 chassis & they travelled via the channel tunnel.

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Re: Help needed concerning F1 Car transportation.

Post by PeterR »

Emirates SkyCargo 747's were used from EMA for some of the races in recent years too...

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Re: Help needed concerning F1 Car transportation.

Post by bennysdad »

My son in law is a mechanic with the Lotus (former Renault) team. They use all methods of transport because they need about 30 tons of equipment for the non European races. Some of the equipment is sent by sea and the critical stuff like chassis that needs worked on until as close to the race date as possible is air freighted out. These links describe the process ... /5297.html. For the European legs the teams truck all their equipment to the venues.

The team personnel travel by air on a combination of scheduled and chartered flights depending on the venue although they will drive between venues that are close enough on what they call back to back races. These are the races that happen on consecutive weekends rather that every second weekend. Its a great job if you like collecting air miles. He is off to Australia on Friday next.

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