DCS Su-33

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DCS Su-33

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The Su-33 within Flaming Cliffs has received a very substantial update.

- Updated 3D cockpit
- New PFM flight model
- Accurate Aerial Refueling
- Accurate Carrier Ops
- Accurate Systems - including ground collision avoidance.
- Boost mode on the reheat (unique to the variant of the AL-31 installed on the Su-33).
- FOD Doors on intakes (also added to Su-27)
- AOA limiter override (Cobra :-D)

To activate boost mode, be in reheat and press Shift+E, this gives 10% extra reheat thrust and can be used for a total of 10 minutes before the engines are damaged. You will see the throttle jump forward and a light come on middle of the console to indicate it is active. To deactivate, throttle down out of reheat.

To control the FOD doors use Alt-I - when they are deployed (automatically on spawn) you have 12% less thrust. You need to close them to take off on carrier ops.

Next thing to be updated is Carrier ops... due to the new flight model you need to taxi to position 3 for take-off with most loadouts to get airbourne.... it will only spawn you at position 1.

It's good fun.


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