Paint removal.

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Ray Purchase
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Paint removal.

Post by Ray Purchase »

I have a resin kit thats been painted with car primer/paints.

Want to now revive the kit but nned to remove the several layers first.

Tried usual paint removal techniques like modelstrip and oven cleaner, but nothing's touching the paint.

Sanding isn't an option as too much detail will be lost, anyone got any ideas that will cleanly remove the paint but not harm the resin?
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Re: Paint removal.

Post by DerekF »

I don't know if this is any good. I notice it removes "email". I suspect they mean enamel.

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Re: Paint removal.

Post by iainpeden »

Mr Muscle oven cleaner may do the job. Work outside, spray all over and put the model into a plastic bag - leave for a few hours then wash all the residue off. Use a tooth brush for the crooks and nannies.
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Re: Paint removal.

Post by Brew67 »

Tesco's all purpose cleaner its brilliant stuff, I've used it on all of my model strips and left overnight the paint just rolls off. give it a go fella and at 20p a litre you cant go wrong.


Big Eric
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Re: Paint removal.

Post by Big Eric »

Have you tried a blow-lamp and a wallpaper-scraper? :grin:

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