Combat Aircraft Monthly December issue (10.7)

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Combat Aircraft Monthly December issue (10.7)

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Good morning!

The latest issue of Combat Aircraft Monthly went on sale in the UK last Friday, it should be in stores in Europe this week, and in the US and nations further afield by the end of the month.

As usual, we have the comprehensive news pages that includes the delivery of the first Afghan G222 • Pakistan’s first Block 52 F-16 • German Eurohawk unveiled • USAF KC-X tanker contest back on • Egypt make take more F-16s

PLUS! A special report on the Iranian military air parade that ended in disaster

Also in the magazine:
Front Line
Combat Aircraft’s hard-hitting regular column by Robert F. Dorr

Transforming the Tigers
The first ever two-week NATO Tiger Meet appears to have been a huge success. David Halford reviews the exercise and examines what the future holds for the NATO Tigers

Libya’s Show of Force
One of the most fascinating events of the year is LAVEX, the Libyan Aviation Exhibition in Tripoli. Combat Aircraft Monthly’s Deputy Editor Ben Dunnell was there to report on the latest developments in Libyan military aviation

Bandit Country
Combat Aircraft Monthly editor Jamie Hunter visits Nellis AFB and meets the resident aggressor squadrons for a world exclusive air-to-air photo mission
Alaska’s Aggressor Vipers
In the second part of our focus on USAF aggressors, Ted Carlson heads to Alaska to see the 18th AGRS in action
Aggressor Origins
Robert F. Dorr on the origins and early history of the USAF aggressor squadrons
Red Eagles
The story of USAF aggressors would not be complete without examining the variety of MiGs and other types that it flew in secret for many years. Steve Davies looks at the associated ‘Red Eagles’ aggressor squadron and its clandestine history

Lipetsk — Russia’s Fighter School of Excellence
This training and tactics development school operates a fascinating range of current Russian AF combat aircraft. Bob Archer reports

Eyes of the German Eagles
Stefan Büttner and Alexander Golz detail the history and current operational activities of the Luftwaffe’s Tornado squadron AG 51 as it marks 15 years of tactical recce ops in Germany

Malta’s Air Wing
Derek Bower gets up close and personal with Malta’s ‘small, but perfectly formed’ air wing

Chile’s Bicentennial Air Power
In September 2010 Chile will mark the 200th anniversary of its independence, and the celebrations started on September 19 this year with a huge military parade over Santiago. Cees-Jan van der Ende and Rob de Kok were there to cover the action

Flight Sims
Rise of Flight is one of the most eagerly-awaited new programs for flight simmers. Jay Slater gives us the lowdown
New Books
Denis J. Calvert reviews the latest aviation books

F3H Demon

Continuing our fascinating series on classic US naval jet fighters, Combat Aircraft Monthly showcases some unsung carrier aviation greats from the early Cold War era. In this issue, Robert F. Dorr examines the F3H Demon.

It is a packed issue! Next month - look out for the magazine's new look, new logo, new features, plus a few more surprises coming...

Thanks for reading

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Re: Combat Aircraft Monthly December issue (10.7)

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Will Ben's report on LAVEX give a full account on why he was arrested the day before the show had started, in an area for which he had not obtained proper permission, which then lead to him having his camera confiscated for the first two days of the show?

Normally this would be mildly amusing but in this case the subsequent heightened security made legitimate attempts at better access, allowed at past events, almost impossible :sad:

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Re: Combat Aircraft Monthly December issue (10.7)

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Hi Chris

I don't really think this is an appropriate matter to debate here, but I understand that there was no 'arrest', that permissions had been obtained and that plenty of other people subsequently gained similar access.