Combat Aircraft Monthly January 2011

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Combat Aircraft Monthly January 2011

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Hi guys.
Sorry for not posting details of recent issues on UKAR.
Here are the details of the January issue (vol 12.1). Now on sale in the Uk and will be on sale in the US very shortly.
Best regards


Vol 12, No 1
January 2011

6 World News
F-35C moves to Patuxent River • USAF launches search for new fighter • UK signs defense treaty with France • Zhuhai show first photos • F-117 back in the air?

PLUS! Special reports on the Falcon Air Meet, RAF Typhoon testing at Nellis, UN operations in eastern Congo and the F-16’s new refueling probe

27 Front Line
Our hard-hitting regular column by Robert F. Dorr

28 Testing Times
Delays and cost overruns are the main headline-grabbing topics that have accompanied many F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program reports over the last 18 months. Combat Aircraft editor Jamie Hunter visits the F-35 flight test program at Edwards AFB, California, to discover the excellent progress being made here

34 Why scrap Sentinel?
The UK Strategic Defence and Security Review heralded plans to retire the Royal Air Force’s Sentinel R1 Airborne Stand-Off Radar (ASTOR) platforms. Martin Streetly evaluates why the UK is retiring these almost brand-new aircraft

36 Samurai School
The Japan Air Self-Defense Force’s Fighter Training Group serves as the operational conversion unit for prospective front-line F-15J Eagle pilots. Katsuhiko Tokunaga/DACT flies with the squadron as it marks its 10th anniversary

40 Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
An indispensable Combat Aircraft briefing on the USAF’s special missions C-130s. Tom Kaminski details the numerous variants of Hercules have been utilized by the USAF for many years for duties that are decidedly removed from the transport role

Kandahar — Air Power for Helmand Part 2
50 Dutch Air Task Force Afghanistan
Since October 2002, aircraft and helicopters of the Royal Netherlands AF have maintained a near-continuous presence in Afghanistan. Now, eight years on, the Dutch are in the process of redeploying their forces back home as Stephan de Bruijn reports from Kandahar

56 Italy’s Fleet Air Arm
Luigino Caliaro interviews Rear Admiral Paolo Treu, commander of the Italian Fleet Air Arm (Forze Aeree della Marina Militare), to discuss the current situation and the future of the air component of the Italian fleet

64 ‘Hawgsmoke’ 2010
The USAF’s biennial A-10 Thunderbolt II gunnery/bombing competition ‘Hawgsmoke’ was held from October 13-16 at Gowen Field in Boise, Idaho. Carey Mavor got amongst the action as the contest was in full swing

68 Kazakhstan’s Potent Force
Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan was left in possession of a considerable quantity of warplanes and helicopters. Grigoriy Bedenko discovers how the aviation component of Kazakhstan’s armed forces remains a potent force in Central Asia

72 Tornado Squadron
Combat Aircraft gains a unique insight on operations at the sharp end of the Royal Air Force, spending a day at the office with RAF Tornado GR4 squadron commander Wg Cdr Ian Gale with exclusive photos by Jamie Hunter/Aviacom

80 Crewroom
Our regular interactive feature with product reviews and competitions

82 Eagles over Kaduna
Nigeria has undertaken extensive efforts to overcome the legacy of military rule and the associated political isolation. Holger Müller reports on how the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has made significant progress in recent times

84 Swept-Wing Duels Over the Yalu
Almost as soon as the Korean War broke out in late June 1950, the communists began building up large numbers of MiG-15s at bases in Manchuria. Cue the F-86 Sabre. Warren E. Thompson recounts the ensuing combat over the Korean peninsula

91 Truman in the ‘NAG’
Giovanni Colla embarks USS Harry S. Truman in the North Arabian Gulf (NAG) as the carrier supports ongoing combat operations in Afghanistan

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Re: Combat Aircraft Monthly January 2011

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Can any one tell what was in December's issue as I can't find mine :mad:

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Re: Combat Aircraft Monthly January 2011

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Have a look here at the end of the page



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Re: Combat Aircraft Monthly January 2011

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Still not received mine through Ian Allan Magazines. What's the delay?

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