Aircraft Illustrated — January 2009

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Ben Dunnell
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Aircraft Illustrated — January 2009

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Can it really be the first issue of 2009 already? Put simply, yes. Here's what's in store.

The new Gripen — stunning air-to-airs of the Gripen Demo aircraft, and the prospects for the Gripen NG despite its defeat to JSF in Norway

'Tunnan' at 60 — The history of Saab's first jet fighter, and the sole airworthy example


The end of Tempelhof — Berlin's most famous airport closes after 85 years

Harriers back at sea — A highly topical look at the return of Harriers to HMS Illustrious

Flybe: regional on the rise — It's the British regional airline that seemingly can't stop growing. We interviewed Flybe's chairman and chief executive Jim French

Russian 'Top Guns' — The Lipetsk Aviation Centre and its role in bringing the Russian AF's latest capabilities to the front line

And — Latest news, show reviews, product reviews, Christmas quiz...

It's in the shops from this Friday, 12 December. Hope you enjoy it!

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Re: Aircraft Illustrated — January 2009

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The Gripen air to air shots are really great!
And well to to Dunk for getting his MH-53 picture in the mag!


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