Flying Proms 2019

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Flying Proms 2019

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In case anyone is planning to go next weekend, here is the lineup:

“Spitfire Prelude and Fugue” with Supermarine Spitfire Mk VC

“Liberty Bell and English Country Garden” with Southern Martlet, DH60, DH60X

“Raiders of the Lost Ark” with Dragon Rapide

“Monte Carlo or Bust” with Comper Swift, Hawk Speed Six

“Aces high/The Battle of Britain” with Sea Hurricane

“The Gladiator Suites” with Gloster Gladiator

“Where Eagles Dare” with Westland Lysander

“Magnificent Men” with Bristol Boxkite, Avro Triplane

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Re: Flying Proms 2019

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Re: Flying Proms 2019

Post by elterwater »

Thanks for the well written review.

I did wonder about the interval pyrotechnics so thanks for shedding some light on that.
As fun as Mark Jefferies is to watch doing his amazing thing, he seemed to be missing quite a few fireworks compared to the previous year and I was holding out for the second pyrotechnic display which was never to materialise.

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