Lockdown Scanning

Photos older than five years old (preferably much older)
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Lockdown Scanning

Post by POD »

Well the boredom of lockdown has given the opportunity to fire the scanner up and look back through a few boxes of slides and prints...

Here are some of the results...Hopefully they are of interest...

1, RAF Honington
ImageCR12-49_12-58_RF-4C_Ala12_Honington_KevinWills_copy by KdoubleU2017, on Flickr

2, Raf Upper Heyford,
Image68-023_UH_F-111E_55FS_UpperHeyford_KevinWills_ by KdoubleU2017, on Flickr

3, Syracuse IAP, NY
Image15xxxx_101_F-14+_VF-211_Syracuse_KevinWills_ by KdoubleU2017, on Flickr

Image159428_NG100_F-14_VF-211_SyracuseIAP_6-2001_KevinWills_copy by KdoubleU2017, on Flickr

5, RAF Lossiemouth
ImageA-006-J35-Runway-Lossie-Mar92_KevinWills_ copy by KdoubleU2017, on Flickr

6, Angelholm
Image35810-87-DrakenF10-Angelholm-10-94_KevinWills- copy by KdoubleU2017, on Flickr

7, Fairford
Image37376-36-JA37-FFD-July97_KevinWills_copy by KdoubleU2017, on Flickr

8, RAF Upper Heyford
Image68-010_UH_y_F-111E_79thFS_KevinWills- copy by KdoubleU2017, on Flickr

9, RAF Lyneham
ImageZA712_ER_Chinook_Lyneham_July91_KevinWills-copy by KdoubleU2017, on Flickr

10, RNAS Culdrose
ImageZF408_408_Tucano_1FTS_Culdrose_KevinWills_copy by KdoubleU2017, on Flickr

Thats all for now but there's plenty more if you want them...


Kev W.
Tiger Tiger!

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Re: Lockdown Scanning

Post by iainpeden »

Happy memories; please keep them coming.
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Re: Lockdown Scanning

Post by PeteFenwick »

Very nice and a great variety of aircraft and locations. Thanks

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Re: Lockdown Scanning

Post by capercaillie »

Great stuff Kev, always good to see, nice scans.

The camo fighter Viggen at Fairford looks great, they flew the grey one on the show day I went, grrrr!
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Re: Lockdown Scanning

Post by Spiny Norman »

Some great American 'heavy metal' there. Miss those F-111s.

Thanks for posting, Kevin.

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