Rome Ciampino

Photos older than five years old (preferably much older)
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Rome Ciampino

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Just got off the Ryan Air flight in 2006 and spotted this line-up as we walked to the terminal. A very swift snap shot but hopefully of some interest.

ImageItalian Civil Defence Canadair Cl-215s and CL415 Rome Ciampino by Andrew Shaw, on Flickr


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Re: Rome Ciampino

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Nice view & nice light on these Canadairs.
Remembers me a trip to Italy in 2008, where I visited the splendid Vigna di Valle Air Force Museum.
I waited for the Museum to open on the shore of the Bracciano lake, and suddendly, a CL-215 appeared and started to perform water bombing training for more than 1 hour ... and I didn't have my camera with me :cry: :cry: :cry: .
I immediatly swore that never again I"ll be travelling empty-handed again !

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