Zambia 2008

Zambia 2008

Postby planenuts on Mon 02 Dec 2019, 9:48 pm

Hi chaps,

And now for something completely different........

Was on holiday seeing friends living near Lusaka. Sadly not there for the aircraft, otherwise these photos would be better.
You should be able to tell which ones were taken whilst strapped into another aircraft (no prizes for guessing).

This is more of a record for sharing, not a demonstration of how shaky/fuzzy a picture can be !!
All were taken at Lusaka International Airport, except the final one......

Firstly, VIP Harbin Y-12 and MA60 transport, Zambian AF
ImageZambia 2008 027 by Rupert Kelley, on Flickr

Zambian AF helicopters.....Bell AB205 (VIP and camo) plus Bell AB206, all ex-Italian
ImageZambia 2008 085 by Rupert Kelley, on Flickr

The retired area.....I count 4 x Dornier Do28 Skyservants, 3 x Mi-17 Hips and 2 x Yak-40s
ImageZambia 2008 481 by Rupert Kelley, on Flickr

The same Yaks, plus 2 x Mig-21bis and another Mi-17 Hip
ImageZambia 2008 480 by Rupert Kelley, on Flickr

The VIP Harbin Y-12 and MA60 on another day/flight, plus the only HS748 transport
ImageZambia 2008 484 by Rupert Kelley, on Flickr

One of the retired Yak-40s closer up with a Hip and Dornier behind
ImageZambia 2008 080 by Rupert Kelley, on Flickr

A pair of dumped ex-AF DHC-5 Buffalos near a taxiway, was looking out the right window :clap:
ImageZambia 2008 028 by Rupert Kelley, on Flickr

Considering this was taken from the back of a fast-moving pickup jeep, this retouched AF Y-12 didn't come out too badly
ImageIMG_7762 by Rupert Kelley, on Flickr

I know it's civvie, but it's an Il-76 just sitting there and smiling :smile:
ImageZambia 2008 033 by Rupert Kelley, on Flickr

Lastly, this Johannesberg-based DC-4 was seen at Mfuwe Airport, during a safari at South Luangwa National Park :yahoo:
ImageZambia 2008 086 by Rupert Kelley, on Flickr

Yep, different.......but interesting, none the less. C+C always welcome, catch you again soon.

Happy snapping, chaps,

Rupe :smile:

Re: Zambia 2008

Postby alisdairanderson on Wed 04 Dec 2019, 6:58 am

Thanks for sharing.... I've been through Lusaka a few times, but I've tended to catch more of the civil bits over there - did manage this trio: ... view_all=1
[Never quite sure how 'permitted' photography of the military side of Lusaka is, so tended to be a bit cautious]

The most interesting civil ones I'd seen were some elderly 737-200s!!, not an IL76 (but did catch one in Entebbe a few years earlier)

BTW, That DC4 is stunning....!


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