48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

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48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by Mictheslik »

Inspired by a walk around Greenham Common the other day, now a lovely nature reserve, I was wishing I had been around to see it in its heyday. Then I thought of all the places I’d spent many hours photographing aeroplanes and how many had changed and the happy memories that I had taken from them.

For this competition anything goes, as long as the photo was taken from somewhere that would no longer afford that opportunity. It could be that the airfield has closed, the spotting location is now out of bounds, or somewhere off airport like Rainbow Canyon which is no longer used for low level training.

Max three entries. Bonus points for a short description of why you have fond memories of the place.

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by AndyXH558 »

I grew up near Woodford, Its been part of my childhood seeing all the aircraft that flew from here, from the 748, nimrods of every breed, atp, 146, andovers, once a sabena 737, and most memorable was the Vulcans that came in 1982 to be converted to be k2s. I spent many hours at the fence there watching aircraft on test flights or bits of aircraft being delivered by an124s which happened a couple of times. These were all fond memories to me, especially on the build up to airshow day.

Alasmost of it now is a housing estate, it finally closed in 2012 after scrapping of the whole nimrod mra4 programme. however there is a great museum in what was the fire station with this aircraft looking a lot different in pride of place outside. There has been good news as they are looking to have a hangar to put the Nimrod and RJX from manchester airport and the Shackleton from MOSI hoping along with at least one Avro 707 too.



With the ceasing of thunderdays there this year, sadly this isnt a sight you will see anymore. fond memories of a couple of nightshoots there and the fun that was usually had. All isnt lost, as the Bucc team has 2 of them at Kemble in a very much live condition and hope to see them soon.

Imagebuccaa2 by andrew abbott, on Flickr
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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by capercaillie »

Interesting subject and where do we start, so many to choose from. I'm going to stay in the UK, as most of the overseas bases I have visited multiple times are still open in one form or another, perhaps with the exception of Cambrai, which had a great approach!

So, I'll start with the more or less annual pilgrimage to the Upper Heyford Open House, through the 80s and early 90s until its closure. As it was on a hill, you more or less had to be inside to take advantage of the show days. Sun was at your back all day as well and it was home to one of my favourite types the F-111, still resplendent in SE Asia colours and their EF-111 Raven brethren. Happy days.
Imageimg502 by Paul Downes, on Flickr

Although not holding public open days regularly, Lyneham used to hold an annual Families Day with a small air display for base staff and their families. While not impossible to get inside if you asked nicely, the flying display was into the sun and a little distant across the vast ramp. If you popped round Goatacre to the south and New Zealand (not that far south!) you came out by a crash gate overlooking the base and centre point to the display. I think a spotter bought the house at the end of the lane eventually, just before it closed as an active base! This one is from the 1992 display.
Imageimg054 (2) by Paul Downes, on Flickr

Multiple to pick from here Finningley, Brawdy, Alconbury, even Waddington, all greatly missed shows. But perhaps most sorely missed are the burgers, Mountain dew, calendars, dulcet tones of Roger Hoefling and the all round might have Mildenhall Air Fete. Often the season opener with many a debut act for the UK as well as set pieces on a theme, mixed formations of old and new and a heavy US presence in the air and on the ground. Many memorable moments at Mildenhall. Final display season for the RAF Buccaneer was 1993, so I'll go with that one
Image1993 af f9 by Paul Downes, on Flickr
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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by Seamus »

Cottesmore. I only ever visited twice, and only once with a camera back in 2010 for my first and last chance at catching the Harriers at their home base. Still one of my best days out with the camera despite the bittersweet circumstances...

ImageBAE Systems Harrier GR9 ZG474/64 Royal Air Force RAF Cottesmore 10/11/10 by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr

Dawlish. One of the most photogenic and exhilirating locations for an airshow, and sadly missed.

ImageGloster Meteor T7 WA591/G-BWMF Classic Air Force Dawlish 24/08/13 by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr

Merryfield. A bit more tenuous this one, as the airfield itself is still in use, but its excellent Open Evenings are now a thing of the past. A great shame as the informality of the event and the superb photo ops it presented always made for a great night out

ImageWestland Sea King HC4 ZE427/K Royal Navy Merryfield 10/06/15 by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr
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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by LN Strike Eagle »

RAF Coltishall was always one of my favourites. Amazing access at the 22 end.


RAF Cottesmore also had fantastic access at the 22 end - I love a spotting location that allows you to get a variety of images.


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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by DeanW »

First up is Bruntingthorpe now that the fast taxi runs are now a thing of the past..


Then RAF Cottesmore. Crazy to think this was almost 10 years ago!


Then Duxford's naughty field and a gloriously sunny October show also 10 years ago..


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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by Spiny Norman »

My 'local' - RAF Leuchars - is now an army base and so airshows and routine spotting days are a thing of the past. The west end of the runway was served by a convenient mound where the punters are perched in the first photo. You could quickly run down to get a more side-on image if you didn't mind risking the farmer's ire or the potential ankle injury jumping down onto the path. It was common to be setting up a photo and for a service personnel to beep their car horn just as you were about to take it. Or shout something encouraging at you.

F-104 arriving for the airshow, low and fast as per SOP. This was taken on the base, at the old QRA shed location.


Base unit 111 Squadron Phantom on final approach "over the fence" (the best and most convenient spot for photography) in 1988 or so. It was rare to visit and find them landing at this end with blue skies. If only film was cheaper then...


As mentioned, Woodford is now no longer an airfield. It used to have some great shows, in the 1990s. The Russian Test Pilot Duo being one of the many star attractions. The weather wasn't always kind but it was never a dull show.

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by Draken »

1. Closed few weeks ago - Berlin Tegel - TXL Airport with amazing viewing deck on the roof of the terminal... and big surprise of that day - Luftwaffe A400

2. Payerne - one of the most spotter-friendly bases I've ever been... Back in 2012 - Excercise EPERVIER with bunch of French Mirages 2000 - here posing gracefully for the spotters gathered on spotting hill... Unfortunately no longer available for public, as there is new civil tarmac located just behind it. Additionally - photo is taken from the spot by the road crossing the runway - spot is no longer available as well, so it's a double hit ;)

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by shorsley »

Beachy Head during Airbourne, now a "secondary crowd" so they don't come close like they used to:
ImageAirbourne_6 by Sarah Horsley, on Flickr

Dunsfold Wings & Wheels. Great light (especially towards the end of the displays), great photo opportunities, and quite often great pairings and formations (although not in this shot):
ImageDunsfold_135 by Sarah Horsley, on Flickr

ZA150 at Dunsfold. No more chances to see this lady stretch her legs. There was supposed to be a 'farewell' run in April, but that never happened, so this is her last public run last October. Glad I went, even if it was very wet and it meant I missed (got sent home from) Autumn Motorsport Day the following day due to a stonking cold :
ImageVC10_10 by Sarah Horsley, on Flickr
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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by DerekF »

Taken from a great spot at Alconbury in 1982. If I recall the flightline of the F-5Es was just across the fence.
Imagez1982437_01 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr

Taken from my office window at Woodford in 1992. The office is still there but everything else is long gone.
Imagez1992189_02 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr

BAe146-100STA E1002 landing at Hatfield in 1989. I was positioned at the side of the runway to monitor some test equipment during steep approach trial. The airfield is gone and the aircraft was sadly scrapped only a couple of years ago.
Imagez1989138_15 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr
As far as I can work out, this is roughly the same place now.
ImageImage1 by Derek N.Ferguson, on Flickr

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by PeteFenwick »

Now closed Flying Heritage Collection in Paine Field and an original Ilyushin Il-2
Image2013 FHC Ilyushin IL-2 by Peter Fenwick, on Flickr

Duxford-The naughty Field
Image2012 Duxford Tornado GR4 by Peter Fenwick, on Flickr

RIP Rainbow Canyon, oh how I miss this location
ImageRainbow Canyon Dutch F-35A F-002 by Peter Fenwick, on Flickr

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by Wbirdnut »

The launching ramp is all that remains of the complex that produced Sunderland
Flying boats at White Cross Bay on Lake Windermere UK. In modern times used
to launch boats would once have had Sunderlands on their beaching gear roll
across it to be launched for test flights.
(There is also a memorial near some buildings on the site)

The remains of the control tower on Haleiwa field on the island of Ohau, Hawaii.
This is the strip where two P40s took off from to take on the Japanese Navy
planes that attacked Pearl Harbour.

The lagoon on Lord Howe Island where for thirty two years military and civil
flying boats including Catalinas, Sunderlands and Sandringhams operated.

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by Andyph »

Top Theme!

This is the East side of the M6 Pass - but got too popular and was put out of bounds by the farmer

ImageIMG_4509-01 - Copy by Andy Heap, on Flickr

RNZAF Wigram - which was NZ's version of Hendon - so much so that it has the Air Force Museum.
This is near the end of the airfield's time - before it was turned into a housing estate for Christchurch.
Flying with the Red Checkers Air Force Aerobatic team - Passenger in the front aircraft was Ritchie McCaw and in the aircraft to the side was Dan Carter - -shame- but Rugby bores the life out of me!

Image716 (62) - Copy by Andy Heap, on Flickr

and this was the naughty field at Omaka - now out of bounds during the show :(

Image300b (69) by Andy Heap, on Flickr

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by CJS »

Fascinating thread! Can I just say how cool that 146 looks in a camo scheme too Derek?! :rock:
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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by buccs2b »

Back into the archives for this one!

First up Leuchars show 1994 and the Red Arrows arrival to set up and display later in the day
ImageLeuchars_199409#_0062 by Tony Adams, on Flickr

Next, Honington 1992 the only time I went to a show there
ImageHonnington_199206_0006 by Tony Adams, on Flickr

Finally, Wyton 1989 and the Canberra 40th Photocall
ImageWyton_1989_0065 by Tony Adams, on Flickr

It's only when I go back and review my records that I realise just how many locations have disappeared
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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by Wrexham Mackem »

Ah, this is quite a sad thread isn't it? "In the words of Dr Suess..." as no doubt Sean Maffett would say.

First from me, Alconbury. A great airshow venue. The shows were a bit hit and miss, but that was part of the charm. Having missed Mildenhall in 1984, Alconbury of that year was the first time I witnessed an SR-71 flying display. A truly awesome experience, to use the word in its true meaning. Here it is with one burner lit, and a boot full of rudder to keep straight

Woodford is my next location. Hard to choose one photograph, and I was going to go for Su-27s, but this is a Woodford product, with that hilly backdrop, in typical Woodford weather

Most missed of all, Binbrook. I consider myself very lucky to have spent time at the fence, and to have been at that last Lightning show. But, it can only be one shot, so here's an unmistakable silhouette
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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by TJJ »

There was a special anniversary show at Chailey ALG in August 2004, taking part was MH434 in Polish colours, flown by the great Ray Hanna.


An airshow at the grass airstrip near Dunkirk. I doubt if it will ever be repeated. The Socata TB30 Epsilon trainers are not a familiar type in the UK. The ones here formed the Cartouche Doré aerobatic team.


Bentwaters in June 2009 – a small show formed part of ML407's Annual Gathering. These jets on static display were from Everett Aero across the airfield.

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by Blackbird »

Three from the archives
Wethersfield 1964
ImageConvair F-102 Delta Dagger 56-1080 by Andrew Shaw, on Flickr

Bassingbourn - Sally B in (I think) her earliest colours.
ImageSally B B-17G Flying Fortress by Andrew Shaw, on Flickr

Greenham Common 1977
Image008_4 USN S-3A Viking by Andrew Shaw, on Flickr


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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by SuffolkBlue »

Rougham Airshow was very much my local show...being that I could walk to it! Sadly the ever encroaching housing development and the death of Sir John Agnew put an end to the shows in the late 2000's. For such a small show it pulled in some great acts including F-15's, F-86, Tornados & Jaguars. I'm now on the committee at the Rougham Control Tower Aviation Museum and we the flying club next door is busier then ever, but with more houses being built, I don't think it will be too long until flying is stopped completely, which will be a real shame.

The Heart Air Display & Classic Car Show 2009 - Rougham Airfield, Sunday 16th August 2009 by Chris Day, on Flickr

The very wet Waddington Airshow back in 2007

Royal Air Force Panavia Tornado F3 - RAF Waddington Airshow 2007, Saturday 30th June 2007 by Chris Day, on Flickr

And a photographic location that is now lost

Junkers Ju88R-1 & Messerschmitt Bf 110G-2 - Royal Air Force Museum Hendon, Sunday 19th June 2016 by Chris Day, on Flickr

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by Peter345 »

Great theme!

One from Bruntingthorpe first. Such a shame that the cold war collection as it was is now a thing of the past.
ImageBuccaneer S.2B XX894 at Bruntingthorpe by Peter Starling, on Flickr

Secondly a couple of photos from one of my favourite low level locations - Corris Corner. Sadly it's now out of bounds as the farmer became unhappy with the numbers visiting.
It was always a killer of a walk to get there but the view across Tal-y-llyn was a fine reward once in position, and the variety of backgrounds and angles on the aircraft made it a fantastic location...
ImageRed Arrows Hawk low level in Wales by Peter Starling, on Flickr

ImageF-15E Low Level in Wales by Peter Starling, on Flickr


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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by Ridgeback1 »

1993 Soesterberg AB from the once informal spottershill, in other words a pile of sand on a wasteland. In the background one can see the X-servicing platform with some nice gems.
Almost nothing of the picture remains; CR coded F-15 gone, G-91 gone, the wasteland has been converted to a businesspark, the front taxiway is largely removed, the runway is still there to walk and cycle on, the X-servicing platform has been removed, the farthest taxiway is still there and I use it couple of days per week to cycle towards work with memories drifting to distant times.

Image1993 Soesterberg = F-15A 77-0132 (1) by Melvin Furster, on Flickr

Another one from Soesterberg AB take half way down the runway sitting on a lightpole. F-104 is gone, the buildings in the background have been removed and a national military museum has been erected.

Image19940727a = F-104S-ASA MM6913 (1) by Melvin Furster, on Flickr

Spangdahlem 1993, when it was still possible to stand half way down the runway at the fence, now a large cargoplatform up a hill has been added, obscuring view onto the runway.

Image19930817 Spangdahlem = F-4G 69-0286 SP (2) by Melvin Furster, on Flickr

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by rebel14 »

All from Coltishall, some great spots to photograph from
Taken from the 04 end of the runway
ImageIMG_0185.jpgCOLT by MARK MEADES, on Flickr
My preferred location when 22 was in use was Frogge Lane, great for take off shots
ImageIMG_0112A.jpgCOLT by MARK MEADES, on Flickr
After several attempts managed to get the shot I was after of one of the Artic Jaguars ,again from Frogge Lane
ImageIMG_002711022005COLT by MARK MEADES, on Flickr

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by G-CVIX »

A tricky theme for me but here's a few:

Dawlish, what a great show this was, as I think everyone that ever attended and sat in the field knew. Here is a 771 Sea King, now also gone of course, at the 2014 show.

ImageSea King at Dawlish 14 by Jake, on Flickr

Now my local, Culdrose. Again, this was a great show when the weather was right. Sadly I don't think we'll ever see another show there. This one was from a sunny 2015 show. Such a great backdrop and brilliant light on a good day.

ImageWildcat at Culdrose 15 by Jake, on Flickr

This is a special one for me. Culdrose has always been my local airshow. I grew up in nearby Helston, and later Porthleven, and insisted that my late Grandfather take me to the show every year come rain or shine. I believe it was 2001, or possibly 2002, when I saw the Sea Vixen for the first time and I was absolutely hooked. I consider this the start of the hobby for me, aged 10. This one is from a slightly damp 2014 show.

ImageSea Vixen at Culdrose 14 by Jake, on Flickr


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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by PeterR »

Starting with a Spotting Location which is no longer open. Dusseldorf Airport used to have two viewing decks, one on the terminal and the other near the end of the runway adjacent to the railway station. I visited the facility during August 2010 and despite the poor weather, had a cracking day as it offered great spots on aircraft on their final approach, others taxying out from the terminal and also saw the based Polizei & Medical helicopters performing sporty approaches to land around the facility. Sadly, this viewing location is now closed and they only operate the deck on the terminal roof. A shame but still better than facilities offered at British airports.

Secondly, a Museum which is no longer open. I spent an extremely fulfilling 3 months working for Air Atlantique during summer 2013 managing flight operations at their newly opened 'Classic Air Force Newquay' museum. A brilliant facility using Hangar 404 which could have grown to be one of the jewels in the crown of British aviation heritage sites. A shame it ended like it did. This shot shows the facility and crowds welcoming ZA148 to her new home. My office was in the brick building in the extreme left of this image and had a lovely view out over the apron.

Finally, a much missed airshow venue! I'm ashamed to say I only attended one Air Day at RNAS Culdrose but was thoroughly impressed with the scenery and photographic opportunities the airfield presented. This Polish Fulcrum was probably the highlight of the 2015 event, which also saw flying displays from the Frecce Tricolori & Swiss Hornet.

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Re: 48 Hr Photo Comp - Lost Locations

Post by Mictheslik »

Apologies for being a day late, but what a fantastic thread of photos and memories. Exactly what I was looking for with the theme.

Honourable mentions go to:

Seamus and that lovely well lit harrier (and the sunset Sea King!)
The winter Jags from LN Strike Eagle and Rebel 14
Preoch’s H135 shot....making a mundane helicopter quite interesting. Obviously a good spot1
Wrexham Maclean’s Woodford Vulcan!

AndyXH558’s taxiing buccaneer at Brunty. Lovely light and the moment of wing folding is just perfect.

Ridgeback’s Camo F-104 with matching buildings. A shot that oozes history and an interesting write up about a place I don’t know much about, but sounded wonderful.

Capercaillie’s low level banked Jaguar - great jet in a great paint scheme and A nice memory of how great Lyneham used to be
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