2022 Lakeland or Oshkosh?

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2022 Lakeland or Oshkosh?

Post by wallace »

2022, I'm not considering going far this year, so I'm dreaming about better times in '22...

So how does Sun 'n Fun compare to Airventure?

I've been to Oshkosh twice and is a very hard act to beat but have an open mind about going somewhere different.
The last thread about Lakeland on this forum was in 2015, which is more than a bit dated.

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Re: 2022 Lakeland or Oshkosh?

Post by Blackbird »

I've got my 2020 Oshkosh tickets that have been rolled forward to 2021 but don't know if I'll want to go even if it goes ahead. They left cancelling the event til (unnecessarily) very late last year.

Sorry I can't help with your question as I've not been to Lakeland - apologies!


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Re: 2022 Lakeland or Oshkosh?

Post by PeteFenwick »

I have been to Lakeland once and Oshkosh 3 times. To my mind Lakeland was a much smaller version of Oshkosh. I would choose Oshkosh every time it is simply awesome. Any queries feel free to pm me.

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Re: 2022 Lakeland or Oshkosh?

Post by verreli »

Are you just going for the show or for a holiday? It's been a while since I last went to sun n fun but remember it to be smaller but with no less character than Oshkosh. Florida IMO is a much better holiday destination with the Keys, Everglades, Miami and Space Centre all in easy reach. I do note the neither the BAs or TBs will be at SnF 2022 though. The BAs are at MacDill the weekend before though.

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