Oceana 2011 couple of questions

Oceana 2011 couple of questions

Postby Gaz on Wed 24 Aug 2011, 7:13 pm

Hi all,

Going to Oceana this year, never been to Oceana or an American show before so got a couple of questions about Oceana Air Show,

Where would the best place be for photo’s, I’ll be taking my 100-400mm on my EOS 1.

Also reading on the website about bags,

"Prohibited Items

In order to keep possibly dangerous items outside the flight line, ALL bags will be briefly inspected as you come through flight line entry points and all individuals are subject to search. To keep delays to a minimum, remember that the following items are not permitted on to the flight line and may be confiscated:
• Large bags (bags larger than a small purse or fanny pack), duffle bags, briefcases, large camera bags.
• Backpacks"

Have no problems with the inspection but has anyone had any problems in taking camera bags in before? What sort of size is ok or is it a blanket ban?
Any help would be great, :up:
All the best

Re: Oceana 2011 couple of questions

Postby D90Man on Thu 25 Aug 2011, 7:31 am

Hi Gareth

I got turned away at Andrews in 2008 with my Lowepro Computrekker (http://products.lowepro.com/product/CompuTrekker-AW,1924,16.htm).

No amount of pleading about being from the UK etc made any difference....I ended up going back to my car, taking out what I needed, stuffing it into my pockets and then buying a small bag to carry the stuff around in once I got into the show.

I know it's a different base but my guess is the rules will be the same.

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Re: Oceana 2011 couple of questions

Postby sln on Thu 25 Aug 2011, 8:05 am

I'm also going to the Oceana airshow, and in the same case has written to the PAO in charge of the show and asked if my camerabag was accepted (I'm using a Think Tank Airport Security V2 (http://www.thinktankphoto.com/products/airport-security-v2-roller-camera-bag.aspx) a quite big roller)

And the reply I got was:
The camera bag you showed is acceptable. Because I'm tightening down on issuing media credentials, Security is willing to allow the larger camera bags in general public. It will be searched though, so make sure everything is visible upon opening.

I will keep a copy of the email on me, in case I'm turned away. Hope it helps.

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Re: Oceana 2011 couple of questions

Postby Pat Murphy on Mon 29 Aug 2011, 2:44 pm

Gaz wrote:Hi all,

Going to Oceana this year, never been to Oceana or an American show before so got a couple of questions about Oceana Air Show,

Where would the best place be for photo’s, I’ll be taking my 100-400mm on my EOS 1.
Any help would be great, :up:
All the best

Can't help regarding the bag issue as it's 5 years since my trip there. But as for places to go. I can recommend the Executive squadron chalet for a top view or head to either end of the crpwdline as, depending on the runway in use, they take off from your left and bank right at about the end of the crowdline so can be good for topsides. If you have the time, do the evening show, well worth waiting around for. If you have more free time and like Warbirds, get yourself down to The Fighter Factory which is about 20 minutes south of Oceana. Cracking collection and we had excellent access for photographs.
Immensely jealous, enjoy your trip. Hope this helps but ask away if you need more info :smile:
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Pat Murphy

Re: Oceana 2011 couple of questions

Postby Gaz on Mon 29 Aug 2011, 8:20 pm


Thanks for all the info, might be best if I e-mail them about the bag i'm thinking of taking, just to be on the safe side.

Plan is to arrive in Virginia beach Friday afternoon from Washington and do the evening show then what ever the better of the two days will be will be show day for us, then the other will be doing places like the The Fighter Factory, then drive back to Washington for more museums and sight seeing :smile:

I was thinking of the Executive squadron chalet, or one of them. Might make it more enjoyable and have a base to wonder off from.

Whats the party type thing on the beach like on the Saturday night? Our hotel is about 1/2 mile away from it so we'll go check it out anyway.

Thanks again for the help :up: :up:


Re: Oceana 2011 couple of questions

Postby MasterJet on Tue 30 Aug 2011, 7:09 am

I attended 3 airshows in Oceana and I never had problems with my camera bag (Expedition 7)...there are regular checks at the gates and you will be asked to turn on your stuff and open all the bag's pockets.

Last time I was there in 2006 or 2007 if I remeber well...by the way general rules are similar as 4/5 years ago.

Hope this help



Re: Oceana 2011 couple of questions

Postby DJ17 on Tue 06 Sep 2011, 7:34 pm

Hi Gaz. I go to the Oceana show most years so here are my thoughts.

Up until last year I took into the show without any problems my Lowepro Mini Trekker, sometimes before you got to the bag search area one of the navy guys directing the crowds/traffic would say "sir, no backpacks allowed" but when you told him it was a camera bag they just shrugged and said "on you go sir".

At the entrance they'll ask you to open the bag and have a look in the main compartment and the side pockets then you'll be free to go.

But, after the Oceana show last year I decided that to stop having any hassle at all I'd buy a different bag, so I went to Walmart and bought a Casa Logic camera bag for approx $30, it's big enough (if you sqeeze them in) to carry my 5D + 100-400, 30D + 24-105, and my 10-20 in the main compartment, the side pockets are big enough to put quite a few extra batteries/CF Cards etc.

http://www.govgroup.com/images_products ... _large.jpg

And so no hassles at the Seymour Johnson or Langley shows earlier this year.

Now the show itself.
Arrive early and get your static shots asap or within 30 mins of the gates opening you'll be lucky to get a decent shot of anything in the static as the Americans rarely barrier off any a/c on static display and then you'll get all sorts of folk poking the aircraft or setting up camp under the wings for shade.

Best seats you pay for IMO are the bleachers at around $5, slightly back from the barriers but elevated, good for taxying/take off shots.

If you don't want to go there then outwith the executive areas etc then there are two areas on the crowdline which are good for pics, the one to the right hand side can be hit or miss as usually the Shockwave Truck parks up there and ruins the view, the left hand side is best IMO, good for taxy/take off shots but not that much room and if you're not early the usual suspects will get there before you and put Police Tape around their folding chairs then head off for shots of the static stuff.

Enjoy the show, and feel free to ask any more questions.


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Re: Oceana 2011 couple of questions

Postby Gaz on Wed 14 Sep 2011, 6:32 pm

Thanks for all the help and info, as always it's been a great help.

I e-mailed them about my bag, they said it was ok, but i'll take the e-mail with me. While on there website, i was doing a little digging and under the contact link, you will see another link that says "Media Registration Form"
near the botom of the first page you will see this sentance

"Amateur photographers and hobbyists will be able to bring large camera bags into the Air Show during general admission times. It will not be necessary to have media credentials for general admission. Your camera bags and any other bags will be searched upon entry"

So i will also be printing this off and taking it with me.

Just over a week to go now, hope those that are going enjoy them selfs :smile:

Thanks again for the help :up:


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