Singapore Airshow

Singapore Airshow

Postby Adam L. on Sat 19 Sep 2015, 1:56 am

Hello all, I don't believe that there has ever been a UKAR forum for the Singapore Airshow. As it's the third most important trade show in the world, I think it's time we made one. This year's event will be from 16th-21st Feb, with on-site rehearsals starting on the 10th of Feb. The flying display is currently scheduled to be 30-80 minutes depending on the day, split into two 40-minute shows on the public days. There will be about 70 aircraft on static.

Listed below are the flying display aircraft and the highlights of the static display (I will keep this updated):
RSAF F-15SG and Apache duo (F)
AdlA Rafale (F)
Rumoured for the flying display: RMAF Su-30, RoKAF Black Eagles, RAAF Roulettes, PACAF F-16, USAF C-17
Most aircraft will be announced from Mid-January right up to the week before the show.

This is my local event and I've been going to every show since 2010, so if you need any advice please PM me. It's very different to UK shows in every way with some odd quirks and there are a few little tricks you need to know to enjoy it properly.
Adam Landau
Adam L.

Re: Singapore Airshow

Postby Adam L. on Fri 22 Jan 2016, 11:15 am

Initial lineup announced:
ROKAF Black Eagles (yes!!!)
RSAF F-15 and Apache duo
AdlA Rafale C
Airbus A350 (trade days only)
USAF B-52 (public days only)

Static to include C-27, E-3, 787, A350, A380, C-130, G550 AEW, F-22, Black Knights F-16 and more than 50 others...
Adam Landau
Adam L.

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