Historic aviation art discussion

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Elliott Marsh
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Historic aviation art discussion

Post by Elliott Marsh »

As an ardent collector of aviation prints, I thought a discussion thread on the topic might generate some interest. I have a fairly large and varied collection bought from the major galleries and from the secondary market, consisting of work by Robert Taylor, Nicolas Trudgian, Gil Cohen, Anthony Cowland, Alex Hamilton and others.

I bought two unframed Alex Hamilton prints last year - On Gladiator's Wings & And not to yield. I'm due to have them framed, likely by Aces High (whose work I have huge respect and admiration for) later this year. I love how he captures something pure and essential about the subjects. His cloudscape work is lovely, too.

People may remember On Gladiator's Wings as a recent Flying Legends programme cover. I had this done as a remarque with an original pencil drawing of Shuttleworth's Gladiator beneath the main print.


I also picked up the exquisite And not to yield:


I noticed during the week that he's added some new prints to his portfolio.

Stephenson's Stuka depicts the IWM's Spitfire Mk.I N3200:


The Nelson, meanwhile, is a lovely portrait of ARCo's Blenheim:


I'm not sure if this piece, of Spitfire Mk.I P9374 and friends, was previously available or is a new release:


The Baron's First is certainly new, and looks a bit book cover-ish:


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Re: Historic aviation art discussion

Post by Berf »

I have a lot of prints but have recently been interested in the work of Piotr Forkasiewicz using CGI. While some are 'too CGI' the medium does bring great details and in the night images an almost 3d glow that is rarely produced in other pictures.



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Re: Historic aviation art discussion

Post by cometguymk1 »

I love the annual Guild of Aviation Artists exhibition in London. Free to enter and usually takes a good hour to walk round all the pieces, a couple have come home from there before :)

Don Clark
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Re: Historic aviation art discussion

Post by Don Clark »

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Re: Historic aviation art discussion

Post by TonyC »

For me, the work produced by Russell Smith is simply stunning!

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Re: Historic aviation art discussion

Post by danjama »

Great subject, following with interest. I recently saw in a brick brack shop an aviation print of a USAF Spitfire, possibly Gentile's, in grey-green if my memory serves me well. However i couldn't identify the artwork or artist.

Does this ring any bells? I intend to go back and buy it, kicking myself for not buying it now.

Edit - found this on google!


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Re: Historic aviation art discussion

Post by Wissam24 »

Anyone who went round the Pakistani Herc at RIAT last year was treated to some utterly gorgeous artwork of historic Pakistani types, I'd have loved to get some high quality copies of them, even if they were JPGs. Some lovely pictures of the likes of Sea Furies, Sabres and even a Halifax
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