Hurricane Crash, Sewards End (Essex), 1940, any details?

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Hurricane Crash, Sewards End (Essex), 1940, any details?

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I quote from elsewhere the full sum of my knowledge of this - can anyone help?

"Does anyone have any information about the Hurricane crash at Seward's End in 1940?. The plane crashed in the field immediately opposite number 19 Radwinter Road Seward's End."

I tried BoB Then and Now, but my Vol 5 has no place index and I'm damned if I'm going through the whole thing! I also tried "One Hurricane, One Raid" as it covers the bombing of nearby RAF Debden, but no luck either. I realise that the details may well be vague or even just plain wrong (done enough of this sort of research!), but I'm assuming that *something* happened in Sewards End (assuming they've not confused it with the Fairey Long Distance Monoplane that landed there circa 1930!).

Many thanks!

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