Your Favourite Image from 2013!

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Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by UK Airshow Review »

We all know what a talented group of photographers we have posting on our forum, and the quality seems to ever improve year on year. As the year draws to a close, we're asking you to post the ONE favourite aviation image you've taken in 2013. Images can be have captured anywhere, featuring any aviation subject in 2013 but please explain why you have chosen it as your best of the year. Could be the best photograph you've taken, rarest thing you've seen or one that means the most to you etc etc.

Ideally we'd like to keep this as a photo-only thread, so just one post per each, with the one image embedded and explanation on why you've chosen it please!

Post Away! :cool:

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by hmeasures »

Spitfire MH434 doing a low fast pass at Duxford during the summer.

The reason I've chosen this is I managed to wrangle a job doing photography at Duxford. I took the shot with a my bosses 70-200 standing well past the taxiway as I knew Nigel Lamb would bring her in for a low pass, after doing a wing to wing with Classic Wing's Rapide. I printed this off at work on a 8x6 and it's been on the fridge since. It's not the sharpest shot in the world and won't win any awards, but it makes me smile every time I see it!

MH434 low pass :) by Harry Measures, on Flickr

Look forward to seeing everyone else's!


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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by Aquila »

My favourite image of 2013 has to be this Royal Saudi GR4 from Warton, on it's last low level sortie through LFA7 before heading back to Saudi Arabia. It did two passes, the second with wings swept. A real thrill to see and photograph. Taken on 19th April on a purely random trip to Wales to see what I could bag.

IMG_0128_edited-1 by Direwolf59, on Flickr


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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by PhilEAF92 »


I chose this because I like the lighting and the colours, and it was Jonathan Whaleys' last UK Display in Miss Demeanour, the wave says it all.

Miss D has always been an airshow highlight for me over the years and to see it flown by Flapjack one last time was a historic and touching event; bringing to an end an era of displaying this beautiful aircraft.

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by boff180 »

Nothing can beat the Las Vegas Strip. Especially when shot at night from the ramp of Nellis AFB in the middle of a Red Flag launch! An amazing experience that I doubt I will ever have again, for that reason it is my top shot of 2013.


Night time on the Ramp by evansaviography, on Flickr

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by airshowguy »

Grey skies, white plain. my favorite personal photograph of 2013.

IMG_5759 by Rijpstra01, on Flickr

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by theskunk »


The tracker is a great looking aircraft under the Northolt lights, plus it was the first of three POTW, so a pretty special year.

So roll on 2014.

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by Spotter21 »

Hello from Portugal

My favourite image from 2013 was taken during a flight with 751 Squadron from Montijo air base. Waiting a few years to catch a EH-101 Merlin downwash.

There are more, but only one photo. Choose my best one :lol: :lol: was very very difficult.


Best Regards and Happy New Year with a lot of new photos

Jorge Ruivo

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by Domvickery »

I dont have any smart or witty comments, I saw Sally B 3 times this year and this is my pick of the year

Duxford Sept '13 147 by justdom1, on Flickr
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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by KAM68 »

A day spent at Hyakuri photographing JASDF F-4s.

F-4-Hyakuri on Flickr

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by Luke28 »

I've seen many stunning photos from the Mach Loop over the years and wanted something a little different so during a snowy freezing March I took the opportunity to walk from Cad West towards Lake Tal-Ly-Lyyn and positioned myself looking towards the Cads and waited for something to appear.....

DSC_0618 by Luke 1984, on Flickr

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by Maisie »

XV295 by, on Flickr
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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by Niallxg »

57-8369 by nxgphotos, on Flickr[/url]

Nyutabaru, JASDF, 301 Hikotai, 57-8369, McDonnell Douglas F-4EJ Kai Phantom II, 29 November 2013. Spent over two weeks in Japan in late November. Extremely difficult to pick just one favourite, as there were so many. But I guess this one says everything about my main goal for the trip, the F-4 Rhino.


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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by umea4 »

BBMF Lancaster over Derwent Reservoir Dam by DrAnthony88, on Flickr

BBMF Lanc over Derwent Dam for the 70th anniversary commemoration of the Dambusters raid.

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by yannyfoxx »

DSC_8628 copy by yannyfoxx, on Flickr[/url]

Duxford in May was a great show. It was the first time I'd seen a P51C and this formation is not something you see everyday.

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by SWATCO »

My contribution, simply because whilst many people had their telephoto lenses on, I opted for a different approach so I put on my 18-55mm and went for a panorama!

Air Day 2013 by Stu Weston, on Flickr

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by Tobyone1985 »

Spitfire Scramble by Tobyone1985, on Flickr

Taken at the final Duxford show of what has been a really good year. The shot just makes me happy each time I see it.
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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by someguy1 »

Was nice to see the F-86 back on the circuit after a year absence, here it is at the Duxford spring show. Although i see its up for sale again on courtesy aircraft for $795,000, so maybe its time here is limited, having said that its been for sale before so it maybe around for at least another season yet!


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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by PeteM »

I was enjoying some family time on Fistral Beach when I saw this doing circuits in the distance so I decided to drive up to St Mawgan. It was quite a long walk back to the apartment to get my camera and then I had to negotiate the Newquay holiday traffic. I never thought I would make it in time but fortunately the E-3 continued to do circuits for another hour.

I chose this because it reminds me of a nice day, it was totally unexpected and good to see some military action at my favourite airfield.


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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by Rampvan »

Only visited the one show this year.....also realised I havnt taken my photos at all this years resolution there I believe !! anyway....nothing special, but I like it


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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by Seafurysmith »

For me 2013 was all about seeing one of these in the air for probably the last time................

DSC02449 by seafurysmith, on Flickr

Wittmund 2013

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by 8674planes »

Mine would have to be this one of the Shuttleworth Collections Avro 504 conducting an engine run during the Shuttleworth engineering uncovered event on Saturday 28th. This was my first aviation event with my first DSLR.

Avro 504
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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by Harry_Imp »

From Volkel, the Ramex Delta. Right Place, Right time, and my first ever explore :rock: :rock:

Mirage 2000N Ramex Delta Volkel 2013 "Explore #63" by Harry Forman, on Flickr

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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by Fumbles »

Out of all the shots I have taken at Red Flag 13-2 back in January 2013. This one stands out most for me more for the memories. A group of us standing between runways 03L and 03R watching the last of the arrivals after an afternoon exercise. The sun was starting to set on a hazy, cloudy day. This B-52 crew banked in, we were thinking of making the run to Runway 03R. Thankfully most of stayed near 03L. The crew of this B-52 banked over the city like a fighter aircraft and made Runway 03L :cool: I only wish that I would have caught the whole bank in with the camera... I was too busy watching the best arrival then taking pictures.


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Re: Your Favourite Image from 2013!

Post by shaggy101 »

It would have to be one from Russia & this was pretty much the last image i took with my old 20d, before it died :sad: ,

So I've gone for the an SU-34 "Fullback" doing it's thing in less than favourable conditions.

Russia 2013 3659 by Dan Reeves2, on Flickr

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