Late Aviation Nation 2014.. Large post

Late Aviation Nation 2014.. Large post

Postby Fumbles on Tue 23 Dec 2014, 9:26 pm

Hi everyone....

I know this thread is a little late from the actual show date. My mind has been in another place lately. My dog is very very ill at the moment and things don't look good. In two months she has gone from a happy 12.5 year old puppy to a dog that can barely stand. She went in for a CT scan and Ultrasound yesterday and we are now waiting for the results. So that is the reason I've been quiet on the forums lately.

On to better things and happier times. I was able to attend what was my last airshow of 2014 at Nellis AFB. This year with the U.S. still saving money the show was smaller then the good ole days, but for a free entrance show Nellis did very well.
The only problem which I saw coming was the opening of the gates and buses at the speedway for 10am! Considering the flying started at 11am I just knew there would be mass line ups with security and of course the buses. I was not wrong.... Apparently on Saturday morning there was 2 to 3 hour line ups backing all the way onto Las Vegas BLVD with cars. Thankfully we stayed at the Howard Johnson across the street of Nellis and we were able to walk in through the main gate which put us in the static by 10:15am. From what I heard and saw for Sunday was a few corrections with the lines,buses and security at the speedway. Sunday morning was much more filled with visitors compared to Saturday morning at the same time.

I'm not sure what may be the future of Aviation Nation whether it be an every two year show or maybe Nellis may be doing away with the show all together. 2015 has Nellis back to four Red Flags after being knocked down to three Red Flags for the past 2 years and will not be having a Aviation Nation. :dunno:

All in all though... Well done to Nellis AFB and all the staff and volunteers that made for a great weekend out. :up:

Anyway enough ramble... as usual Comments and Criticism always welcome good or bad.

ImageIMGP1532 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1528 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1561 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1499 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

5 A visitor that left as the sun was setting...
ImageIMGP1520 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1622 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1658 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1665 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1722 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1782 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1787 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1794 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1796 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1862 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1897 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1947 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1955 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1992 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP1994 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP2078 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP2132 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP2170 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP2236 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

24 was one of three Green Flag B-1B launches
ImageIMGP2286 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP2305 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

ImageIMGP2320 by rod.mcdonough, on Flickr

Thanks for looking and here is to an excellent aviation filled 2015 for everyone! :yahoo:
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Re: Late Aviation Nation 2014.. Large post

Postby boff180 on Tue 23 Dec 2014, 9:32 pm

You've made me unbelievable jealous mate.

Oh well one day my luck will win out lol.

Glad you had a good time.

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Re: Late Aviation Nation 2014.. Large post

Postby Pringles on Wed 24 Dec 2014, 4:03 pm

Sorry to hear about your dog, I hope she pulls through. Fantastic photos, I hope to go some time in the future! :yahoo:
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Re: Late Aviation Nation 2014.. Large post

Postby Niallxg on Wed 24 Dec 2014, 5:59 pm

Those aggressor Falcons look cool, but the shot of the Raptor with the hills as a background is ace.

Cool set.

Re: Late Aviation Nation 2014.. Large post

Postby MRTT on Wed 24 Dec 2014, 6:10 pm

That is one amazing set! Particularly like the one of the Thunderbirds monument and the team in the sky

Hope your dog pulls through, Happy Christmas.
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Re: Late Aviation Nation 2014.. Large post

Postby Luke28 on Wed 24 Dec 2014, 7:22 pm

The Raptor against the mountains is sublime mate :up:

Re: Late Aviation Nation 2014.. Large post

Postby Airwolfhound on Thu 25 Dec 2014, 1:07 pm

Number 25 is spectacular, the rest aren't too shoddy either, great stuff :-). Sorry to hear about the dog, hoping for the best outcome.

Agile, mobile and hostile ;-)

Re: Late Aviation Nation 2014.. Large post

Postby Arno 01 on Thu 25 Dec 2014, 3:25 pm

Great set Rod, hope the hound pulls through.
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