Reoch's spring/summer round-up!

Reoch's spring/summer round-up!

Postby PeterR on Mon 06 Jul 2015, 8:56 pm

It's been agessss since I've had the time to do a proper photo thread on here, so hopefully I can make up for that with this monster catch-up! I'll go through the shots chronologically and hopefully you won't be too bored by the end!

As always, comments and constructive criticism welcome, we can't all be perfect all the time! :handbag:

Kicking off with a day-trip to RAF Coningsby for PDA Day in April. Despite sunshine all morning, the haze rolled in for the afternoon display. Still good to see this beauty for the first time..!
ImageCommemorative Colours. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

Next up, a trip to Manchester Airport for another aviation fix. This is a shot I'd been wanted to get of the A380 for a while now, so happy to nail it.
ImageV1... Rotate. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

...and of course it's always great to see a classic tri-holer, with the Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F still a Manchester regular.
ImageLufty Light. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

In May, to join in with the RBL's "Kiss for VE-Day" campaign and to promote the air show, we decided to get a couple of the resident Jaguars at RAF Cosford to 'kiss'. Thanks to the guys and girls at AEMTS for positioning this GR1A & T2 together, shame the sun didn't come out to play!
ImageBlack Knights. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

Next trip out came later that month, to the Duxford VE Day Airshow. Again, shocking light for much of the day but at least the sun came out to play when the Army Air Corps left at the end of the day.
ImageGUNSHIP TWOSHIP. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

My first time ever seeing the Blenheim (or should it be Bolingbroke?) fly, and to recover from the poor light I decided to be a little bit different in photoshop! Bit of a Marmite image this I think..!
ImageWar Warriors. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

And from there we jump to RAF Cosford..! As many of you probably know I'm part of the orgainisng team for the air show, which means I'm a bit busy to get my camera out on the day! But what it does mean is that in the days pre & post show, when I'm not rushing around trying to sort problems like articulated lorries parked on taxiways or battle the weather to get aircraft in, I can get some fairly unique images! For this I used a reeeeally big set of stepladders...
ImageWhite Knight. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

Departing on the Monday, the beautiful Whirlwind! (PS, look at the weather?!!)
ImageWhirlwind. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

Another static star leaving on Monday, the Italian HH-139A. It took the crew nearly 10 hours to get to us, and it was the first visit of an active squadron HH-139A to the UK! Top effort and a nice couple of flypasts on departure.
ImageCSAR Star. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

And come on... it would have been rude to not!!
ImageBritain's Lost Bomber. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

The week after, I was lucky enough to have a tour of RAF Fairford during the B-52 deployment. Beautiful old aircraft and extremely friendly aircrew.
ImageOld Smoker. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

And that weekend, I was taken to Weston Air Fest, and promised myself that I wouldn't take any photos, and I'd just relax on the beach with a cider... that decision changed when the Hunter T7 ran in and the sun glinted perfectly off her wings!
ImageShiny Two. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

And then I noticed that there was a Sea King HC4+ on static display, so I had to shoot that leaving too! Not long left for these cabs...
ImageJunglie. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

And the final image, taken last weekend, as part of the Vulcan's "Salute to the V-Force Tour". Who else managed to capture a Vulcan, Victor & Valiant all in one shot..?
ImageSmoking Salute. by Peter Reoch, on Flickr

Well I hope you made it through without falling asleep?! :lol: :cuppa:

Hopefully see a fair few of you in the coming weeks, I will be volunteering at RIAT, helping run the opening of the Pit Zone on Friday, so give us a wave if you're around! :up:

Re: Reoch's spring/summer round-up!

Postby Wissam24 on Tue 07 Jul 2015, 12:45 pm

Nice photos. :handbag:
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Re: Reoch's spring/summer round-up!

Postby boff180 on Tue 07 Jul 2015, 12:45 pm

I personally love the aerial shot of the TSR-2, it is quite literally awesome :clap:
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Re: Reoch's spring/summer round-up!

Postby Tommy on Wed 08 Jul 2015, 7:38 pm

Where on earth has this thread been hiding!! :shock: :shock:

Some of, surely, the world's most unique shots of the TSR2? The aerial view makes it look like a toy! Whirlwind shot is a peach, too. :up: :up:
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Re: Reoch's spring/summer round-up!

Postby Stagger2 on Sun 12 Jul 2015, 6:54 pm

Nicely thought-out compositions here, but I can't believe a man of your standing can't get the TSR2 moved forward to get rid of the container (or 'shop-it out?). A unique opportunity frittered away.
I like Marmite, but if I take a crap image (as often it transpires!) I bin it !! I'm not one for turd-polishing to make a fine image, nor using abstract PP. to avoid it becoming a bin-liner. Do the honourable thing ...hit 'delete'.
Did you post the right image for the final shot?... or is it cryptic? Like if one went to an Alexandra Burke Concert (to avoid Community Service for example) & posted a picture of a door...that she was singing behind? You are such a tease sometimes!

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