OW WW1 Evening...15.07.17

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OW WW1 Evening...15.07.17

Post by MUSTANG »

Sadly it was overcast until about the last hour (just after the Comet), no pictures of the hedge cutting M-1C as I was holding my breath as she came in. Overall a quiet show (many at Silverstone of Fairford I guess) and nobody put a chair on the flence until 2pm (must be a record!).

ImageTX4A4068OW by MUSTANG_P51, on Flickr

ImageTX4A4260OW by MUSTANG_P51, on Flickr

ImageTX4A4360OW by MUSTANG_P51, on Flickr

Imagede Havilland DH.88 Comet G-ACSS by MUSTANG_P51, on Flickr

ImageTX4A4594OW by MUSTANG_P51, on Flickr

ImageTX4A4601OW by MUSTANG_P51, on Flickr

ImageTX4A4655OW by MUSTANG_P51, on Flickr

ImageTX4A4778ow by MUSTANG_P51, on Flickr

ImageTX4A4822ow by MUSTANG_P51, on Flickr

ImageTX4A4888OW by MUSTANG_P51, on Flickr

ImageWestland Lysander by MUSTANG_P51, on Flickr


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Re: OW WW1 Evening...15.07.17

Post by FarnboroJohn »

That last Lysander - ohhhhhh!

Nice set. Pity I was at RIAT - well perhaps not, but OW clearly a great alternative!


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Re: OW WW1 Evening...15.07.17

Post by starbuck »

Agreed, last Lysander shot is beautiful.

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Re: OW WW1 Evening...15.07.17

Post by PanamaMan »

A beautiful set, I felt I was there. :clap:
Many thanks for posting!
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Re: OW WW1 Evening...15.07.17

Post by Mike »

aknott68 wrote:...not sure why the evening airshows have been bunched together I'm sure they used to do an evening show in September in years gone by...

One each in mid-May, June and July, then the Proms in mid-August. The middle weekend in September is now set aside for the Steam Fayre.

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Re: OW WW1 Evening...15.07.17

Post by alisdairanderson »

Be2e is very nice.... now wishing I'd popped down there!!!


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Re: OW WW1 Evening...15.07.17

Post by johnr »

I love that low evening sunshine at OW.
I particularly like the SE5 takeoff and the Lizzie - gorgeous!

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