Your Favourite Image From 2017

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Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by UK Airshow Review »

Well, our Top Ten Moments feature has been published, we're into 2018, and we move onwards to another summer season full of (hopefully) good weather, airshows, deployments and interesting photo opportunities. 2017 has been a rather calmer season than previous years, and we've seen a great many excellent, diverse, and unique photos on our boards from events and deployments over the past 12 months, both from abroad and on our doorstep.

So, UKARians, to usher us into 2018, let's see your best photos from the last year!

ONE photo per person, and if possible, add some context behind the shot you've chosen. We always like to see the story of an image.

Over to you!

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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Skyflash »


by Gordon Duncan, on Flickr

The photo may not win any awards, but I have chosen it because:

- I was at MAKS, something which I had dreamt about for a long time (indeed I'd almost given up hope of ever being able to go);
- As extensively discussed at the time, the Su-35 demo was off-the-scale ridiculous, quite the best fast-jet solo display I've ever witnessed;
- My visit eventually turned into an opportunity to produce an article for... some website or other! :grin:
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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by jalfrezi »

Here's mine:

ImageMcDonnell Douglas F-4K Phantom FG1 - 13 by Nick Jennings, on Flickr

While not strictly my favourite (though it's one of them), this was the photo that was the most favourited (is that a word?) on Flickr.

I'd been itching to see this Phantom, along with Black Mike and the blue Tangmere example (two down, one to go) for quite some time, but Yeovilton is quite a distance from me and the airframe's not normally on display, so when the opportunity arose to get some night shots I jumped at the chance, as did quite a few others! Very happy with how this one turned out, I did remove some of the background lights to make it stand out more, and added a bit of graduated shading to remove some of the glare from the concrete, but that's about it.

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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by CJS »


I'm going for this one from RIAT. Some awesome display aircraft but as usual some great static too. I think we forget about that sometimes, and the furore (spelling?) around the Flanker display perhaps took away slightly from the fact there was one on static too, along with some other real gems as usual. I got lucky with the lighting but was pretty pleased with this one, taken on my trusty Sony compact.
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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Pienie »

My favourite picture from 2017, soft duck training at "De Bergse Maas" the Netherlands.


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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Blackbird »

Among my favourites for the year I chose this one, taken while on holiday in Israel because:
1. It's fairly rare;
2. I like the angle - I take no credit for skill - it's just how it appeared. Shame about the backlighting!
3. It suddenly appeared out of nowhere and I felt lucky to have been quick enough to get a shot at all.
Image by Andrew Shaw[/url], on Flickr

Andy :smile:

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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Carlito »

Su-27 during CIAF 2017 in Hradec Kralovy, the only reason for visiting this event was this plane...
it was close, low and there were flares (only on CIAF!) - didn't regret this trip :-)

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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Airwolfhound »

I'll go with this one from RIAT. I do love to try and get head-on shots where I can, and was quite pleased as to how this one turned out.

ImageF22 - RIAT 2017 by Tim Felce, on Flickr

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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Pringles »

I'll go for this one:
Army Air Corps Apache "Wall of Fire" by Alexander Prins, on Flickr

I've probably taken other photos that have required more planning and skill at airshows this year, but none have had the same in-yer-face dynamism of the Apache's wall of fire! I've been trying to get this shot since the pyros were introduced, and when at RIAT 2017 it became apparent that the centre of the Apache's display was to the left of FRIAT and actually reasonably nearby, a quick sprint as near to the centre as possible enabled this (being 2m tall meant I could stand at the back and still get a clear shot!) :rock: One day I'll buy a FRIAT package and it'll be easier, but it won't have the same sense of satisfaction as having run a few hundred metres to arrive with seconds to spare to set up the shot :yahoo:
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George H W Bush

Post by tankbuster »

Wanted to do this for a long time

Trevor C
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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by PeteM »

This is one of my favourites from last year.
Taken one beautiful summer evening on Bodmin Moor while I was out with my Wife walking the dog.
It's a particular thrill to get something on your own doorstep.


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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Jetnoise »

With the subject matter of two of my highlights of 2017 already taken (the Fairford Flankers and CVN-77) I guess that another event that I enjoyed was the Gazelle Gathering at Middle Wallop. Although the positioning of the public area left a lot to be desired as regards the light, I was happy with the Black & White versions of my shots from the arrivals...

ImageF_AR_GBI_Gazelle_T_EGVP_20170408_2SBW by Ralph Lunt Photography, on Flickr

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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Dr Cake »

When you find yourself alone for a while and experience one of those aircraft moments......

ImageIMG_4412 by Dr Cake, on Flickr

Not posted before as wasn't 100% happy with quality, but, thinking back to last year, it's the image I think of most.


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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Exiler »

Still got plenty left to edit from last year. But my favourite image of 2017 was of P3717. 'Hurricane Summer' at Shuttleworth both at the evening show and then at Military Pageant really brought home to me how lucky we are to see these Hurricanes together. This one was taken at the Pageant.

Imagep3717-1-6-1 by Stewart Taylor, on Flickr

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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Talldan76 »

In the Eagle's lair...

I was lucky enough to get a place on a tour of Lakenheath last summer, and part of the tour was being escorted into one of HAS Shelters, where we got to see an Eagle at rest. :-)


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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by FarnboroJohn »

The RSV Tornado at RIAT on the Saturday morning.

Image20170715 (34)_Panavia_Tornado_IDS by John Dixon, on Flickr

Grisly weather and (apparently) the last of the all weather fighters. Outstanding.


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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Cole »

Very hard to choose...
But its going to be the Norwegian Historic Flight at Southport (Sat) I think the reason i love this photo is that there display was nothing but Awesome :clap: :drool: , seriously if you haven't seen them make the effort to... trust me you wont regret it :smile:
ImageIMG_6610-1 by CharlieGolfPhotography, on Flickr
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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by timuss »

Taken on the Saturday at Flying Legends after the show finished at near 8.00 the Horsemen practiced there routine after getting Sharkie to replace, Berlin Express. The light was beautiful we must have been some of the last people on the field.

ImageAfter hours by Tim Spicer, on Flickr
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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by HeyfordDave111 »

A busy year for me but not Airshow wise, and only getting to RIAT on Departures day.

Still, i like this one so here it is.
Image_K5A4982 by David Jones, on Flickr
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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by ciaranchef »

Saw this as we walked into RIAT on the Sunday, was quite a distance away but I snatched it regardless, was happy with how it came out.

ImageUSAF Thunderbirds lined up & ready... by Ciaran Hickey, on Flickr
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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by zigzag »

I had a cracking year, not necessarily in numbers of events attended but in terms of photography, adventures, good company with fun and laughs it was a good 2017.

Hard to pick a standout moment or photo and as Gordon has bagged the Su-35 at MAKS & Richard the B2 at RIAT Ill have to go with this pair from MAKS, its not even my best photo of the year but to me it reminds me of the trip that 3 of us had to Moscow back in July. Our little jaunt to Moscow was a winner on so many levels, from praying that our taxi driver would turn up to pick us from the naughty field, to meeting inebriated Russian falconers on the train, the visit to Monino, the Moscow metro, MAKS itself with the quality of the static line up (TU-144, TU-160, TU-95, TU-22 in a row anyone), to the flying display of types that given current circumstances we arent likely to see over here anytime soon, to witnessing what I though was the greatest fast jet display of all time, to the naughty field with its party atmosphere, it all brings a smile to my face just thinking about it, and that surely is what the hobby is all about, enjoyment.

ImageMAKS 2017 by Andy Kenyon, on Flickr
If you like these pics there are more utterly brilliant shots at

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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by lucaspl »

Amazing flypast of Tu-154M & A319 at SIAF 2017. After few years of spotting I've finally caught my first Tu-154. Few weeks later Slovak Tupolev executed the last flight to museum in Kosice.
ImageTu-154M | A319 | Slovak Government by Łukasz Lipka, on Flickr
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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by alisdairanderson »

It's not my 'best photo', and not taken at an Airshow, but a very unique view of Airlander 10 over flying its 'home' at the famous sheds at Cardington, which is only a few miles from where I live.
Taken in July 2017 during one of its 4 test flights last year, while I feared progress would be slow, I didn't expect it to suffer such a major setback following its 'incident' at the end of 2017. (I was hoping it might make an appearance at an Old Warden show during the year, but it didn't happen)

(I had previously posted this under the 'Civil Aircraft' page)....


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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by Go4Long »

Another SU-27 highlight for me.

Lighting Fires by Steven Szabo, on Flickr

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Re: Your Favourite Image From 2017

Post by SuffolkBlue »

As I was camping overnight after the Flying Proms at Old Warden, I enjoyed my own private nightshoot!

Blackburn Type D - Flying Proms, Old Warden, Saturday 19th August 2017 by Chris Day, on Flickr

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