Your favourite image from 2019

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Your favourite image from 2019

Post by UK Airshow Review »

With both our Top Ten Moments and Review of the decade it's now your turn to show us your highlights of the year.

The rules: one image per person, tell us a bit about your image too.

Over to you!

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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by jalfrezi »

OK, I'll kick things off....

Taken from the media platform at the 2019 MAKS Airshow it shows the latest Mil Mi-28NM attack chopper.

ImageMil Mi-28NM - 20 by Nick Jennings, on Flickr

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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Skyflash »

I myself have somewhat mixed memories of that media platform... :roll: :whistle: :grin:

Here's mine - a type which I never expected to see fly again at a UK airshow, absolute delight:

by Gordon Duncan, on Flickr
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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Blackbird »

Mine's also a RIAT photo, again of a type much missed.
ImageDSC04952 by Andrew Shaw, on Flickr

Andy :smile:

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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Del »

Tornado farewell flypast, Boscombe Down in February. Cold, grey day, not sure if it would even happen. Not the greatest photo, but I got them ....

Image20190220_133221_DSC_0038 by Derek Small, on Flickr

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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by theskunk »

Lee-on-the-Solent Nightshoot in the middle of the summer!!! Waiting for the sun to set.

Westland Scout AH1 XW613/G-BXRS/XW613 Army Historic Aircraft Flight Trust by Gary Beale, on Flickr
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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Tmyers123 »

Barely got out at all with the camera this year, and so only have photos from RIAT, Cosford and the Tornado FINale at Coningsby to choose from. Not the best photo to be honest, but it didn't help that out of the few outings I had this year, I didn't shoot in decent weather once.

ImageF/A-18C Hornet by Tyler Myers, on Flickr

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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Domvickery »

This year has been a good one for me, a fair few UK shows and a weekend to France to attend Melun Villaroche but one of my favourite image comes from Abingdon, I love a good night shoot & Abingdon always reprersents good VFM

ImageAbingdon Nightshoot 2019 347 by Dominic Vickery, on Flickr
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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by FarnboroJohn »

I only attended four shows in 2019 and the weather was less than helpful everywhere. For me this shot of the Ultimate Fighters at Flying Legends sums up the year's experiences: enjoyment of a new act countered by the challenge of the weather.

Image20190713 (149)_Ultimate_Fighters by John Dixon, on Flickr

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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by aviationanoraks »

Seeing and hearing the seven Hurricanes at the Shuttleworth Military Airshow in July was our airshow moment of 2019 (just beating the mass gathering of Dakotas at Duxford and Old Warden).
Not easy to photograph the seven together, and typically the light was better after they had flown past!

ImageIMG_3339 by aviation anoraks, on Flickr

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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Widget »

I love night photography and when I found out a Hercules would be in included in the Abingdon Air Fayre nightshoot I spent most of the evening focusing on one of my favourite aircraft and I think it looks great under the lights at night.


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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by dcm737 »


2019 has been very full on the photography side but for me the Friday RIAT Spanish Harrier landing was the highlight I would mention now. Difficult to select the "ONE" but this is my submission.....


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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Draken »

Still lots of 2019 pics to process, but I'll go with Gibraltar Airport overview photo taken from the tunnels in the Rock. What a place!

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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by BMrider »

So I was walking the trade stands at RIAT 2019 and come across a lens and equipment outlet, they had a lens I had been considering for a good "show" price a Tamron 100-400, and on a moment of weakness I snapped it up, wandered back to the fenceline and .............................

ImageMig 21 by Mark Handley, on Flickr

Probaly only the 2nd or 3rd shot on this new lens, click & click for bigger image
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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by PeteM »

I haven't got many from 2019 to choose from. I narrowed it down to 3 or 4 and my three year old granddaughter picked this one.
Taken from a hillside during Ten Tors.


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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Wissam24 »

An unposted image from me, but I can't think of anything else that works for this. From a report on the JASDF's RF-4s that I'm currently working on:
ImageJASDF RF-4 Phantoms by Sam Wise, on Flickr
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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by boff180 »

For me, it has to be this shot of an F-18 of the Blue Angels that I took at dawn the day before the Lemoore Airshow.

It's actually a HDR composite of 7 different exposures and I like it because of the contrast and that it works - it doesn't actually look HDR.


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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Tommy »

Luckily at Yeovil at the beginning of December, I saw a decent number of types, but seeing the Wildcat on trials with a full load of 20 Martlet missiles was cool. In really perf light!


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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by aerobert »

Just new to this forum, I hope this contribution is of interest.
Waddington was frequented by many in 2019, including myself.
This image started on the ferry: my spotting mate and I watched a nice video that was uploaded somewhere on the web of the Israeli F-15's landing. The video was made at the 03 end of the runway. We decided to go there during two afternoon landings that we planned to be at Waddo.
First shots were very good, included sunshine, but I did not manage to frame all four Eagles together.
The next day I re-positioned myself a bit further to the east: no sunshine today but now the framing was just what I had imagined !
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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Ian G »

2019 was a quiet year for me in terms of photography, mostly due to my daughter being born in February! The highlights for me were a trip to Marham in March and going air to air for Cosford's show, of which I've chosen a Gripen image from the sorties we did over the weekend. Here's to 2020!

Czech Air Force JAS-39C Gripen by Ian Garfield, on Flickr
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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by iaint »

Not many outings again for me this year. Aside from RIAT, and a visit to RAFM Cosford, the only other trip I made sure I made was to Waddington for Cobra Warrior - there was no way I was going to pass up on the opportunity to photograph IDF/AF Eagles!

Anyway, here's what I'd probably class as my favourite image from 2019.
Image810 - McDonnell Douglas F-15C Baz by Iain Thomson, on Flickr

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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by CJS »

I've picked this one - memories of an excellent day out in the Gloucestershire countryside, and also of the stellar contribution from these guys towards the static park at RIAT.

With just the slightest bit of finesse, I might have made a little less mess.

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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Airwolfhound »

I think it has to be this one from me, as it was selected to go into the Official RIAT Calendar for 2020 (September) :-)

ImageHarrier - RIAT 2019 by Airwolfhound, on Flickr

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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by Seamus »

Perhaps not the most outstanding image I've taken this year, but I could only choose a Harrier image. My runaway highlight of the airshow season :love:

ImageMcDonnell Douglas EAV-8B Harrier II Plus | VA.1B-37/01-925 | Spanish Navy | RAF Fairford 21/07/19 by Shaun Schofield, on Flickr
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Re: Your favourite image from 2019

Post by SWATCO »

Had been after an Apache Firewall shot for a few years, and although not perfect, I'm happy with the result!
ImageApache AH-64D by Stu Weston, on Flickr

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