"SAR" UH-1D mishap

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"SAR" UH-1D mishap

Post by Olli »

Hi my friends,
about one week ago an UH-1D had an accident during landing at an sports field near my home.
Luckily nobody was injured and damage to the airframe seems minimal :smile: .
During night the UH-1 was recovering from a rescue mission and wanted to collect some equipment which they had unloaden before at the sports field.
The landing was a little bit too hard and the UH-1 suffered some damage to the skids.
Enough bla bla now from me and here are the pictures...enjoy:
support UH-1D was also on the scene on the nearby field
and leaving late afternoon
loading onto the low loader was not easy because a row of trees was in the way
job well done..70+91 is sitting on the low loader ready for departure
That's it my friends...something different I hope...

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Re: "SAR" UH-1D mishap

Post by danspuggti »

Something different?

Well it's something I don't see every day so thanks for sharing.
Same old sh*t.............just happening on a different day!!!

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Re: "SAR" UH-1D mishap

Post by itfcscott »

Thanks for posting, it's great to see something different :clap: :clap:

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Re: "SAR" UH-1D mishap

Post by timuss »

Yeah different indeed thanks for posting :clap: :clap:
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Re: "SAR" UH-1D mishap

Post by Koen L »

Always nice to see something different on here. Thanks for sharing Olli!


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Re: "SAR" UH-1D mishap

Post by CH2 »

Nice to see something different, some paperwork and explaining for the crew though.

Thanks for the post


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Re: "SAR" UH-1D mishap

Post by KarlADrage »

Interesting series there, Olli! Shot 3's got loads of impact though. :clap: :clap:

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