Red Flag 12-2

Photos of operational aircraft from bases, airports and "spotter" outings
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Re: Red Flag 12-2

Post by Hawkkeeper »

super shots, the F15's tuck their gear up fast, love the B1's

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Re: Red Flag 12-2

Post by rhino »

Absolutely outstanding! The Bone shots in the first set do it for me, but all are beautifully sharp and clear, well done that man!

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Re: Red Flag 12-2

Post by stevebrodie »

Un F beleiveable - keep having to come back and view agian, can hear the noise, feel the heat and smell those fumes !! :biggrin: :biggrin:
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Re: Red Flag 12-2

Post by jwarnerxh558 »

Love every one! Especially like all the B1 shots! :drool:

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Re: Red Flag 12-2

Post by redbearing »

one word "stunning" :clap: :clap: :clap:


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Re: Red Flag 12-2

Post by rv8tor »

Awesome set.Especially as the light can be really harsh there unless very early or late in the day.
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Re: Red Flag 12-2

Post by mr pabs »

Superb.... Love the opening Eagle shot.