NAS Key West

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NAS Key West

Post by KAM68 »

A few photos from the sunrise shoot organised by VF-111 and COAP last week at NAS Key West.




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Re: NAS Key West

Post by sylvancatharsis »

Absolutely phenomenal! I'd hang the second on my wall.
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Re: NAS Key West

Post by agdickie »

That final shot is a stunner!
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Re: NAS Key West

Post by Screechy »

Oh my!

Great shots but that final one is epic

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Re: NAS Key West

Post by Airwolfhound »

Spectacular :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Re: NAS Key West

Post by timuss »

Oh wow indeed those are superb but that last one is epic :cool: :drool: :clap:
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Re: NAS Key West

Post by SPLAT »

Class :yahoo:

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Re: NAS Key West

Post by Wissam24 »

As epic photos as has ever been taken of jet fighters. Well done mate, superb stuff.
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Re: NAS Key West

Post by Ledhead27 »

Just wow...nothing else!
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Re: NAS Key West

Post by Pringles »

:drool: :win: :worship: Stunning! Absolutely sublime :worship: :win: :drool:
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Re: NAS Key West

Post by capercaillie »

Surely it should have been a sundown shoot? Very nice. :smile:
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Re: NAS Key West

Post by blackcat »

Final shot is just Amazing,
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Re: NAS Key West

Post by RichPittman »

cracking photos, wouldn't mind seeing n a few more from the 4 Days :rock:
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Re: NAS Key West

Post by Chucky »

#2 for me :clap:
I want more :biggrin:

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Re: NAS Key West

Post by 58Hustler »

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Re: NAS Key West

Post by Rumwolf »

Brilliant images!

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Re: NAS Key West

Post by stranexuk »

Very nice Keith!

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Re: NAS Key West

Post by RickIngham »

A terrific set, number two is just incredible. A slight shame there are so many other photographers with the same shots but that doesn't take anything away from a well taken set of pics to drool over.

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