F5's at Badajoz/La Talavera Real, Spain 02/03/17

F5's at Badajoz/La Talavera Real, Spain 02/03/17

Postby A380_sully on Sun 05 Mar 2017, 3:18 pm

Whilst working over the border in Portugal, I thought I'd try my luck on a spare afternoon at Talavera La Real Air Base, home to the F5's of the 23rd wing of the Spanish Air force.

I first went to the airport side of the base to view the flight line (albeit very far away) but with 6 frames on the apron things looked promising. I opted for the south east corner of the runway 31 and spent around 1 hour there, watching 2 x F5's depart and recover after about 50 minutes. Heat haze is a real problem (to be expected in the middle of Spain I guess), plus the taxi way is a reasonable distance from the fence line - 300mm on crop body with a slight crop for framing on the shots below.

Then the Military Police turned up like a scene out of smokey and the bandits, demanded my details and moved me on. I was more than polite to them, explaining I had researched the locations, looked to see if there were any restrictions noted around the base (which there aren't), but they were bluntly rude and made a VERY big point of explaining I was not to stop again around the base.

A shame, but that's the risk we take. What was even more gutting was as I was 3 minutes away, a pair of Spanish Typhoons broke to land......... insert your expletives here!

Not to worry,

C & C welcome as always.....

1). Image

2). Image

3). Image

4). Image

Preserved on the roundabout as you aproach the base from the town of Talavera La Real. It was the best Icould manage as they are cleaning all the grime off her (evident above the tail plane) and I grabbed this as the cleaner had lowered his boom to refill the detergent. The other side was still filthy.

5). Image

Cheers, Kelvin

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