Tucs, Typh's, Tonka's and a bear.... Dunmail Raise

Tucs, Typh's, Tonka's and a bear.... Dunmail Raise

Postby A380_sully on Sat 08 Apr 2017, 8:30 am

Impromptu opportunity to get up a hill had me sat at the base of Smaithwaite at 07:00, totally clagged in, although Dunmail was clearer on the route in. An hour under the coat and I woke to see the clouds slowly breaking,so I opted for Dunni on the basis that if they could make it over the raise, then if Smaithwaite was clagged, at least I'd get them before they pulled out.

The sun came out, so East then West was the usual order, with a couple of Tucc's in the morning. Crossed over at lunch and was rewarded by a 3 ship of Typhoons (Apollo 11-13), 2 ship GR4's (Wolf 11-12) and the A400M routing as Ascot452, plus a final Tuccano.

a selection of shots....

1). Image

2). Image

3). Image

4). Image

5). Image

6). Image

7). Image

8. Image


10). Image

C&C welcomed as always,

Cheers, Kelvin

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